Monday, December 16, 2013

The Naming of Husbands

The naming of husbands is a difficult matter...

OK, I'm talking about what we call our husbands in the online world. Most of us don't use their first names and use some sort of nickname rather than just "husband." But I struggle with this as none of them seem quite right. And those of you without husbands - I know you're rolling your eyes when you hear us use some of these expressions. I'll share some of my issues with the names we frequently use.

{Please tell me that I don't need to explain how this is humorous and you should not take offense if you use these phrases. Because I use them too.}

Husband - Just too formal. Feels like you should go ahead and say "That's Mr. Husband to you!"

Hubby - It sounds a little plump and jolly, neither of which describe my husband. Plus he asked me not to use that one. :)

Hubs - This is the one I currently use but it really struck me as odd the other day. And plural. If I say "My Hubs" maybe you think I have more than one spouse. That's not how I roll.

DH - Text speak for "Darling Husband" which is a little too hip for me. And every time I see it, I first wonder who they are talking about with those initials - *gasp* Is she talking about David Hasselhoff?!

Lover - Um...get a room. Please.

My Man - Well if that doesn't sound like I have a Butler, I don't know what does.

My Guy - If "My Man" is the Butler, then "My Guy" is the Handyman. I require a lot of servants.

The Mister - Lord help The Mister, that comes between me and my sister. Sorry - just watched White Christmas.

My Old Man - You mean my dad?? Because my husband is *not* old. Because that would mean that I am old. And I am not.

What am I left with? I don't know. Maybe we need to come up with something new - our own abbreviation, perhaps.

How about Spouse And Male? You know, SAM. As in, SAM is working from home today and wondering what very important subjects I am writing about instead of doing the dishes.

What do you call your husband? If you're not married, which husband names drive you crazy?

What...did you think I would be talking about Christmas since it's 9 days away?? :)

Have a blessed day and plenty of smiles, friends!


  1. I never really liked it when I'd see DH. I never really understood that one. I usually call my husband my hubbalicious. Because he is my husband and I think he's delicious. LOL! Too much information? Well you asked. LOL!
    Big call him the fellow marriage contract signer or FMCS for short size hugs to you!

  2. I don't talk about my husband much on my blog, but when I do, he's simply "my husband". Ha ha!

  3. I just call him by his first name. No biggie. On message boards I call him DH but I use lots of abbreviations there.

    FYI, the White Christmas reference cracked me up....and my husband. lol


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