Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Works-For-Me Wednesday: Plastic Wrap

Clingy plastic wrap drives me nuts. I used to struggle with it. By the time I would get out the amount I needed, a corner or more would fold over and cling to the rest. I tried to "uncling" it, but would often have to start over with a fresh piece. Oh...the drama of it all. I'm imagining a commercial with a very sensible-looking mom in the kitchen experiencing this with her plastic wrap - pulling it this way and that, making all sorts of horrible faces, ending up with a huge ball of crumpled plastic and then dropping to the ground in tears - she cannot save the leftovers...sniff.

A year or so ago, I happened to catch the Rachael Ray show (unusual 'cause I rarely watch daytime TV) and saw a viewer tip for plastic wrap. It was so interesting that I tried it and have been doing it ever since.

This may sound strange, but to get your plastic wrap to stop the super-clinginess, keep it in the freezer. Huh?? Yes, I said the freezer. The very cold temp stops some of the cling - long enough to get the wrap on your dish. Once it starts warming, it clings again and that happens quickly. Just put the box back in there and let it stay there. Really!

Try it out and let me know what you think...and Save the Leftovers!!

For more great tips, check out Works-For-Me Wednesday at Rocks In My Dryer.

Lisa :)


  1. Yes? Wow!

    Yesterday I was struggling... oh yes, I was.

    I just put a towel over the bowl, as I didn't want to problem anymore.
    I'll try your tip.


    Want to see what works for me?
    See here:

    Laane on the World

    Enjoy your day.

  2. Hmmm, this is very interesting. I will have to try it. The clinginess is very irritating to me, too. Thanks! :)

  3. I would have never guessed this. I'll have to give it try.

  4. I will have to try this! My hubby is always teasing me about getting it all stuck to it's self. ~smile~
    Thanks for the tip!


  5. I will try that for sure. I learned a tip from a lady at the grocery store. I used to struggle trying to get those bags open that you put fruit and veggies in. I saw her shaking the bag and asked her what she was doing. She said to flip the bag so the opening is at the bottom and give it a couple of hard shakes. It works every time.

  6. Lisa, I will have to try this! I finally gave up on Saran Wrap and started using the press n' seal or tin foil...if that doesn't work, then it doesn't get wrapped! LOL! Love your tea post, and your husband is a great sport for accompanying you!

    Have a great night! ~Rhonda

  7. Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping by my blog! What a great tip! Now I just have to find some room in my freezer.

    I am a die hard chocolate lover like yourself. Are you a Californian?

  8. Now that's a helpful hint...thanks for sharing!

    I enjoyed my first visit to your blog...I'll be back!

  9. Hi Lisa,
    thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment on my blog. You are doing very well for a newbie blogger - lots of humour, and just the right amount of photos!
    LMAO over the Gladwrap (Aussie brand) saga - I guess most of us have the same problem. Thanks for the tip about putting it in the freezer. My problem is that I would forget it was there, think I'd run out, and go and buy another roll....duh.


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