Monday, June 2, 2008

My Kind of Moment

I had a lovely little stop and smell the chocolates kind of moment this weekend. No, I did not sit for a leisurely cup of tea and eat a chocolate. This was even better!

My son asked if he could "snuggle" with me on the couch. He is growing and is too tall to really be on my lap or anything. So, by "snuggle", he actually meant, "Mom, would you be a live pillow for me to lean up against on the couch while I play Gameboy?" Of course I said yes!!

I so enjoyed that time - the warm, heavy weight of my child leaning against me, the smell of clean hair, his telling me about what was happening in his Lord of the Rings game so I could watch and understand. It was so nice and peaceful. I enjoyed it as long as possible and ignored the call of housework all around me.

I am so glad to be blessed with moments like those - we never know how many we will get!

Did you have any lovely moments this weekend?

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  1. I had an amazing "moment" this weekend. I went to a baby shower for a friend who is from India and she dressed me up like a princess in an Indian sari and beautiful jewelry. I felt like royalty! Especially being around all the exotic Indian women in their sari's. What an experience!!!

  2. That is one of those extra-ordinary everyday moments to glad you blogged it!

    Thanks for stopping by 'My Front Porch'...and do take us on a little trip sometime this week!

  3. Lisa, These are the moments we live for as mom's aren't they? Ashley has a job on Monday's and Friday's, for the summer. So David and I hang out all day. It is unusual to have "just the two" of us time, but I am enjoying it so far! Doesn't seem a lot of housework gets done on those days for me, either...but oh well! LOL!

    Precious Post! "smiles" ~Rhonda ;)

  4. Ah, Lisa, my boy is now a 29 year old man about to have his own child in December. Treasure these moments with your son -- there is no more precious thing to do than enjoy our children as they grow.

    Hugs, Pat

  5. My moment came during potty training- SHE DID IT! Several times. Now I will go cry. :-(


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