Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tea for Two-sday ~ Tea Party Themes

Now, I haven't hosted that many tea parties so I am certainly not an expert. But if you are going to have a tea party, I do recommend having a theme. A theme makes things a little easier - foods, decorations, favors, tea, invitations, etc. can all be planned to work with the theme.

The first tea I was involved with was a baby shower with no particular theme other than a baby shower full luncheon tea. We wanted to recreate the experience of a tearoom. We had a menu at each place setting, served lunch in different courses, served the ladies individually, offered a choice of tea, and even had retro ladies hats to wear. All the ladies really enjoyed the experience.

Another tea had a theme of flowers. The invitations had flowers on them. The favors were put together in little flower pots and included flower teas. We used flowers for decoration, used flowers in our menu and flower shaped scones, sandwiches, and desserts. And each table had a clear teapot or mug in the center with a blooming flower tea in it - fun to watch! It all turned out so pretty!

Also had a tea with a lemon/lime theme. Decorations included lemons and limes in glass hurricanes and lemon drops. The menu and teas were inspired by lemon, including luscious lemon cake. The favors were teacups with bags of lemon drops and lemon tea. The ladies were asked to wear hats to the tea and there were prizes for the favorites. All the prizes were lemon-themed, too!

The most recent tea had a cupcake theme. The favors included a poem about cupcakes and tea. The food was in round shapes or served in different sizes of cupcake liners. The desserts were all different kinds of cupcakes. Another yummy time for all!

There are so many themes you could use for a tea. What themes have you used? What ideas do you have?


  1. When my daughter was younger we had a "tea party" they are so much fun. This year for her birthday (she's turning 15)my best friend suggested a Pride and Prejudice party. We love Jane Austen. My daughter already made her dress, yes I said made it lol. She did an awesome job too. My best friend is making hers and mine(do to lack of time and talent lol). Everyone else can either make theirs or find something similar. We haven't worked out all the party details but I think it's going to be fun.

  2. I have never had a tea party. How sad is that?? But I love your ideas. You're inspiring me!

  3. Everything you mentioned sounds absolutely divine!

    I do like your decaf option - perhaps I will try it. I still have some of that tea you sent me, and it is decaf - so yummy!!

  4. Wow great ideas! Thanks!

  5. I've never had a tea party, though I think my daughter would probably like one for her fourth birthday.

  6. Great tea party ideas, Lisa! I especially like the lemon-lime theme. Lemon is one of my favorite flavors. You picked perfect lemon decorations and favors.


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