Monday, June 30, 2008

Creative Concealments

Here's something fun and maybe you'll end up with a useful tip or two.

Melissa over at The Inspired Room has asked for our "Creative Concealment" ideas. She said:

Gather up your CREATIVE CONCEALMENT IDEAS to share on Monday. Don’t be shy. Show us how you creatively hide the uglies around your house! Do you throw a table cloth over something to hide stuff under the table? Stash unpleasant items in a pretty basket? Hide an electrical outlet and cords with a plant? Hang a curtain over something less than lovely? Toss a throw over an old couch to give it new life? Do you do anything clever or pretty to conceal something else? Come on. I know some of you conceal and you are masters at it. I’ve seen your blogs and I have seen concealments. Yes I have. You just didn’t know what they were called. Please, share your ideas to inspire us and add your post to Mr. Linky on Monday!

At first I didn't think I had one, but then I thought of two! They are both super simple and not at all fancy. I decided to share them anyway. And I hope to get lots more ideas from everybody else!

The first is simply a curtain covering a bookcase full of a jumbled mess. Since I don't sew, I had been looking for the right length to hang from a pressure rod and found this - I can tie it up to whatever length I need:

The second is something that my husband made. We bought an entertainment center from our neighbors, but realized that our TV was too small. Also, this is up against a wall with a window, so it looks a little strange seeing all the space around.

I have to admit, I did suggest buying a bigger TV to solve the problem! My husband had a better, much more frugal and creative a cover. He measured, built a simple wooden frame, stapled fabric to it, and attached metal plates.

He then attached magnets to the inside of the cabinet so the screen would just "click" into place.

And here's the finished product. The fabric is actually black - the picture looks a little different. We could have used any decorative fabric, but decided that we didn't want attention drawn to that space, so went with black. It almost looks like a projection screen and hides the ugly spaces.

What do you think? Do you have creative concealments in your home? Don't forget to stop by The Inspired Room for more ideas!


  1. Does putting a tarp over your whole house count? LOL! I'll have to think on that one.

  2. Creative idea with the T.V. and shelf - I like!

  3. Great ideas! I don't think I have any creative concealments. I'm thankful for doors though. And textured glass. :)

  4. Clever! Thanks for sharing that idea- It looks great.

  5. PERFECT! You are a master concealer! It looks so much better!

    Thanks so much for contributing!!!


    Happy day!

  6. Great idea thanks!

  7. Great idea to hide the big gaping hole behind the tv! My husband just insisted we buy a bigger tv! :o/ Your idea is way better and a lot cheaper! :o)

  8. Great creative concealments! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Have a great

  9. What s super idea your husband came up with... I'm trying to think of where I can use that - I love the ideas of the magnets to just snap it in place... And I also love your use of the tie-up curtain... I have a few bookcases that could use some covering for sure! Thanks for stopping by my blog...Donna


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