Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dreamed A Little Dream 'Bout Starbucks

This is sad, but true. I did actually dream a detailed dream about Starbucks last night. Who would think that I'd write a post on it? If you think other people's strange dreams are boring, you might want to skip this post, but maybe you can use the dream to psychoanalyze me and figure out why I'm so weird - my husband would really like to know!

Just a dream, NOT a true story: I'll try to give you the short version. At a Starbucks counter, I order a flavored latte (my usual) and wave to my Dad, who is meeting me there. The guy ringing me up gives me the wrong total ($17.00!), tries to give me a pound of coffee I don't want, and then gives me extra coffee. I get an extra cup for the coffee and realize that it's black coffee - I absolutely do not drink regular coffee (That's true in real life!)! Back to the counter I go and wait...and wait...and wait. The line is hardly moving so I give up and sit down. (I couldn't see my face, but I'm sure I was pouting at this point.)

I go to the register again - not happy at all! I explain my problem and wait...and wait. They forget about me and ignore me as I try to make eye contact. (Can you believe they would take such a chance with a woman who has not had her morning caffeine yet?) My Dad is drinking and refilling his coffee and is feeling a little sorry for me.

I sit down again, fuming. I want to leave, but now want a free drink first! Dad has to leave - apparently he has things to do (apparently I don't?). Up to the counter for one last try. Everything is gone - equipment, food, shelving. I have to leave. (And I never had anything to drink!) I realize that the Starbucks has closed, not just for the day, but forever!! No wonder the service has been so bad!

Off I head toward home...walking (Walking? That is weird!) the rain (oh, poor me) high heels (What?). That's it. The End! Sigh...I really am weird.

What does it all mean? Am I concerned about upcoming Starbucks closures? Do I feel ignored by people? Am I supposed to stop drinking flavored lattes and start drinking black coffee? Maybe you can help me...

Reminder: Find or prepare a chocolate-themed post to link up here tomorrow for "Would you like chocolate with that?". It can be old or new, recipes, poems, pictures, thoughts on chocolate, taste-tests, etc. as long as it's family friendly! Looking forward to some new chocolate ideas!


  1. Um was I sitting in the chair next to you eating a muffin? The dream sounds completely normal to me lol. But I tend to have some really weird dreams as well. Though I don't think ever was I in high heels as I am already 6'0" lol. My subconscious knows better then to go there ha ha! Thank you for sharing that you are weird. I knew I liked you for some reason lol.
    Blessings to you my friend.

  2. That is really funny. I think it means you like what you like and will accept no substitutes. The being ignored has me baffled, maybe you are not one to speak up much, maybe you are a peace maker not a stand up for yourself type of girl??? Maybe the walking home in the rain in heels (uphill I am sure!) was to show you the struggles in life and how heavy it is weighing on you.



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