Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Lost Art of Toilet-Paper-Seat-Cover Making - Something You Need To Know When Visiting Montana

I happen to be very spoiled and live in a state that has tissue toilet seat covers in almost every public bathroom. It's quite nice and I'm sorry that some of you are feeling jealous. If I find myself in a stall that has run out of them (Horror!), I search until I find a well-supplied one.

I am always shocked when I get to Montana and use my first public restroom. I begin searching frantically for the seat covers - did they run out? - are they kept in a different type of container? Oh, that's right, they just don't use them here! Panic starts to set do I handle this situation and HOW did I live here before??

I seem to be physically incapable of achieving the proper squatting position, so that's out. Finally, a distant voice comes into my thoughts..."Use the toilet paper." Yes - it's coming back to me! Use one piece of toilet paper to cover each of the sides of the seat- not too long or they'll fall off - and one shorter piece for the back and one for the front. I try not to feel too pressured or hurried by the 10 women anxiously waiting for a stall.

And now you know what to do! I hope this has been helpful, though maybe you have a better method to share.

Happy public-restroom using! Hee, hee!


  1. No need to be concerned with the women waiting in line, they are going to do the SAME thing, LOL. And, yes, I'm jealous. I can't understand why EVERY public bathroom doesn't have these covers - good gravy! I really can't stand it though when an establishment has purchased the cheapest ones they can find and they tear to bits as you try to get them out of the wall container, LOL. :)

  2. Being from the state that has those nice toilet seat covers but a big traveler to the states that don't, I have a solution (other than the handy toilet paper). Pocket size toilet seat covers. Yes, they do exist and you can purchse them at WalMart. If I remember correctly they come 10 to a pack. You can also purchase a small travel size roll of toilet paper for your purse. I keep them in my car and my travel bag for trips.


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