Thursday, October 30, 2008

Here's Where I Become The Oddball In The Neighborhood

With people all talking about their Halloween plans and what they do or don't do, I thought I better 'fess up. I don't like this time of year too much just because I am in the minority and I get uncomfortable with people's reactions.

My family doesn't celebrate Halloween. We treat the day the same as any other, except that we go out for dinner to a nice family-friendly restaurant since the crowds are gone! It is a very personal, prayerful decision that we made a few years ago.

Just to clear up a few misconceptions, I would like to say:

- We refer to October 31st as Reformation Day (because of Martin Luther).

- We don't think negatively of your family just because you participate in Halloween.

- We love kids in adorable costumes - so cute! And we LOVE candy!

- Our son does not feel deprived (I am not naive enough to think that all kids would feel this way.). He doesn't like dressing up very much and he thinks it's strange to get candy that you might not like from others when you have your own favorite candy right at home.

- We are friendly, happy people - really! :)

Well, now you know. And I feel better! Whatever you happen to be doing this Friday, I hope you have a safe and joyful day!

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  1. Can I copy and paste that for my post today? LOL. We don't even acknowledge the 31st as anything but another day. I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter her due date was Oct. 3rd and I prayed that she would come in Sept. and she did lol. That's how much I don't like the day. I didn't even want my daughters birthday associated with the month lol. But like you it's a personal decision and we don't look down on anyone that chooses to participate. I love your honesty my friend.
    Blessings to you.

  2. Good post explaining your position on a controversial topic without judging.

    When my kids were younger, our church had a harvest festival that we enjoyed. But that hasn't happened in probably 10 years and we just go about our normal activities.

  3. Thanks for writing this post. I agree and don't focus on the day either. When I was younger, we used to make a big deal about it, but my parents stopped and we started having harvest days at church or got together with other families who didn't celebrate halloween and ordered pizza.

  4. Great way to put it!

    Our family has made a decision to "redeem" Halloween by being a light in the dark during this time. For now, we give out candy and joke around with the kiddos that are out (we don't do anything scary), and one day, I want to give the biggest and best candy out there! I also, at some point, want to start taping verses onto the candy. As for our children, we don't take them trick or treating, but I would like to take them to church harvest parties where they can dress up and have fun "redeeming" halloween!

    Thanks for the great post Lisa! :)

  5. I love your honesty, so refreshing! We don't celebrate Halloween either, kids are all grown and gone, but I do celebrate fall in a big way, much better for the spirit!

  6. I would bet 90% or 98% of the kids out there today don't know anything about Halloween except it is a day to have fun, dress up silly, and go beg for candy. That is how I look at it too. I love having a day that people can just be silly, have fun, a time to gather together and learn how to have fun with others in a safe way. Problem is...just like so many other things, there are the idiots that ruin it for everyone. I remember as a child bobbing for apples, dressing as a scarecrow, running, laughing and having fun with my classmates at school. It brings back very good memories for me. I don't have any idea or any knowledge of anything bad about Halloween. Just a day of fun...and I am not a young person!

  7. Lisa, there's no need to feel like the "oddball". I think more and more Christian famlies choose not to participate in this "event". While we do not participate in costuming, etc... we do give candy and Bible Tracts to each child that comes to our door. We don't say "Happy Halloween", but just greet them with a big loving smile and pray that out of the 50-70 Tracts that get put into bags at least a few people will read them and a at least one heart will be changed. That is what has worked for our family. Blessings!

  8. We used to participate in an October 31 Harvest Party at our church, too. Now we just plan to be out for the evening. Dinner, possibly a movie, whatever, we just don't want to come home until most of the streets are clear. Went to a Reformation Day costume party once;that was loads of fun and all dressed up, too.

  9. I hope you have a great and peaceful dinner tomorrow:-)

  10. You go girl! I appreciate your willingness to post your views and am in total agreement. You are a dear sweet godly sister in the Lord. I love you!

  11. Lisa, I think your decision is very cool. My husband and I just moved to Germany. Our October has been filled with farmers' markets, leaves, and autumn foods. No fake cobwebs or plastic spiders. I absolutely loved embracing the season and not a day of spooks. Thank you for sharing this.


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