Monday, November 3, 2008

Aging - This Could Get Ugly

I'll be honest about my age - I'm approaching the big 4 o. I'm older than many of you whippersnappers, but younger than several of you lovely ladies, too. However, the aging has begun.

We all know the signs of aging - wrinkles, weight gain, memory loss, thinning hair (for me at least), and hot flashes to look forward to. But I had a new one thrown at me when I saw my doctor last week. While I was there, I asked about a mole that seemed a little odd.

Not a mole! - he tells me - That's an age barnacle!

A WHAT? He informs me that they are hereditary - great, so I could get more. His voice fades out as I picture myself covered in barnacles and it really doesn't look pretty.

He "comforts" me by telling me that they can be frozen off. They are officially called seborrheic keratosis and shall henceforth be known as that by me.

So, now you have been disturbed and learned something new at the same time. I aim to please!

I better go watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest to see some of the fellas on Davy Jones' ship - for a preview of what I might look like in 10 years, covered with seborrheic


  1. Oh, I am so with you. I've already has those things taken off. I hate them...and they still come back..yikes!


  2. I am nipping at your heels my friend, age wise lol. So something really neat to look forward to. Great! I can't wait. I think I'll just go ahead and call it the age barnacle lol. You are too funny.

  3. I have a bunch that need to go. And I have been gray since 25.

  4. Too funny! No, I do not like this getting older bit. Why isn't my skin as tight as it used to be? Where are these gray hairs coming from? And what about those hairs on my chin? Oh, the questions of life!

  5. I'm a bit ahead of you on the aging trail, and a fellow member of the thinning hair club. I keep hearing that age is a state of mind, so my free advice to you is; think young! Oh, and keep up the good chocolate. :-)

  6. This is a first for me, never heard of it before. But already at 27 i'm getting "moles" and I know they must be coming from my mom.

  7. I don't mind the aging part, but what I hate is the weight gain part. But yet I sit at the computer doing nothing about it but complaining. I am about to decide, life is just what it is so quit worrying about it. I am healthy, but I should work on it more. I think I am going to go fix me some popcorn now! While I still have my teeth!

  8. Just think, you are created in God's image. The other things are just reminders of the frailty of our earthly bodies.

    Bethany says not to waste precious hours on "Dead Man's Chest" when you could be spending it on beauty sleep. Also, it will age you more quickly.

  9. When I was about your age I had one of those awful things right in the middle of my forehead. It appeared over night, it seems, and I always felt people were staring at it. I called it my rhino horn. I went to see a dermatologist who was going to just "shave it off." But just as it came, it disappeared between the week of the first visit and the shaving visit. Whew!

  10. I was wondering what those things were. I have a few. Thanks for the education.

  11. I was wondering what those things were. I have a few. Thanks for the education.


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