Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tea for Two-sday ~ Teacup Tales: Green & Gold

Sorry I don't have a better picture of this teacup right now, but it's late! I have chosen to share the story that goes with this particular teacup today.

I call this one the Green & Gold and I like that it has more color than many others. This was given to me, along with one place setting, by my Dad a few years ago. It belonged to his parents. It was part of special place settings purchased for them on their 50th wedding anniversary. They celebrated their 50th before I was born!

I did not know my Grandmother - she died the year I was born. And I have only a couple of memories of my Grandfather - Grandpa Two Teeth he let us call him. I remember sitting on his lap and I remember that he was very funny. He died when I was almost 5.

My grandparents were homesteaders in Montana. The farm is still in the family, though the homestead buildings are gone and the farmhouse built in 1934 has been torn down. They grew wheat, but they also had some cattle and chickens. When I was a kid going to the farm, I could not figure out how they knew where to turn on the dirt roads in the middle of nothing but fields of wheat.

I know that the gold in the teacup was to honor the golden wedding anniversary, but it also makes me think of harvest and wheat fields. It's the perfect cup to represent that side of the family.

That is the brief story of the Green & Gold teacup. Do you have any teacup tales to share?


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  1. Oh that is beautiful my friend. Alas I don't have any special tea cups of my own I do have some "claimed" of my Mom's lol. So I will likely inherit quite a few.
    Hugs to you today.

  2. That was a beautiful story! I love teacups. I have been collecting them since hubby and I got married. They are so pretty and they remind me of a by gone erra. Have a great day!

  3. I have no teacups. Will coffee mugs do? Just kidding. This is so beautiful. I get that it makes you think of Harvest Season. I think the pic is beautiful. I still want to join the choco thing... hmmm... what to add??

    On another note, I stopped by to share our new Sunday meme with you. It's called The Daily Mercies. My sister Rena are doing it. Any blogging meme advice? Stop by, and leave us your comments. Feel free to post when you are led, and please pass along to others to get the word out there.

    Rena's site is: http://insertgracehere.wordpress.com/

    I'll leave mine in closing.

    Thanks from both of us,
    Ginger (and my sis Rena... who also loves choco toooo!!!!)

    Can I add my mom's brownies?? They rock!

  4. I don't have any tea cup stories. But do you collect just single servings of tea cups??? I am always watching for them now where ever I go thinking of you. But I don't want to get them/it if you have plenty!

  5. Hi Lisa, What a beautiful cup and saucer! I love the green and gold combination! ...and I love the story behind them!

    I'll try to post a recipe Friday. I can come up with more dessert recipes, than just chocolate ones. And I would love to get some new ideas for the holidays from you other posters!

    I laughed at your post below! Oh aging...fighting it is an endless battle! LOL! You are still fabulous, dear friend! :) ~Rhonda

  6. I do have tea cup stories to tell. I should post about them soon:-)

    I know...I am such a tease:-)

  7. What a sweet way to remember your grandparents. It is wonderful to have teacup memories.


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