Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Works-For-Me Wednesday: Household Tips

If you know me well, you know that I am lacking in good household skills. I was looking over the last several months of WFMW posts and discovered that I have very few household tips. But the tips I do have are good ones and worth being shared again, so I have put them all into this one short post! Hopefully they will help you out if you didn't already know about them.

~ Easy microwave cleaning

~ Plastic wrap storage

~ Displaying kids' art

~ Homemade shower cleaner

~ Toilet cleaning tips (read the update and the comments for the tips)

That's my very short list, but these tips work for me! For more good stuff, visit Works-For-Me-Wednesday at Rocks In My Dryer!

And don't forget to enter my chocolatey giveaway if you haven't yet!


  1. Great tips my friend! I read through all the toilet cleaning tips....very interesting...especially the Tang :o)

  2. Thanks for sahring! The shower cleaner one is a definite keepr as we go throught the stuff like crazy!

  3. Uh!How did I miss this post? You slipped it in under the door didn't you? LOL. I'll have to check out your short list of tips. I'm not sure how I feel about being the 4th commentator on this post! I made up for it with your last post though, so I guess I'll get over it! Hee! Hee!


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