Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm Listening to Yanni Voices Right Now

Wow! I am listening to the Yanni Voices PBS Event right now! I am really enjoying it. I was always a fan of Yanni and we do have a older CD or 2 of his around here. I am liking the addition of the new voices. I have always thought of Yanni's music as musical creations rather than songs.

In my area, this concert is airing tonight and again on Saturday night. To find out when it's airing in your area, check the PBS listings.

Thanks to the One2One Network, I heard about the promotion for this event. I'm so glad I'm enjoying a lovely concert in my home right now! I'm not sure yet who my favorite singer is - but they all sound wonderful.


  1. Hey, I stopped by and heard them also. I love PBS. They have some great shows. I have several Yanni CD's also, like you said a bit older.

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  3. Why didn't you tell me about this on the phone my FRIEND? LOL. I love Yanni as well.
    I almost didn't catch this post. You snuck it in between the other two BUT as your top commentator I was all over it!
    Hee! Hee!


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