Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tea For Two-sday ~ Poems

Welcome to Tea for Two-sday! You know (or maybe you haven't had the pleasure yet - LOL) how I like to write silly little poems. I seem to like to write them about tea mostly. I thought it might be nice to put them all in one place for your, er, enjoyment (?)!

Cupcakes and Tea

Cupcakes and tea,
Some for you and me
To celebrate the little one's arrival, you see.

Cupcakes and tea
And a new baby
Fill our afternoon with fellowship and glee.

For cupcakes and tea,
We give thanks to Thee.
So many beautiful blessings have we.

- by Lisa W. (I wrote it for a cupcake-themed baby shower tea)

Tea and Friendship

Tea and friendship, friendship and tea.
A cup for you and a cup for me.

Let's share a scone, a story and a smile,
Even if it's only for just a little while.

At the end of our time the tea may be low,
But the time we spent will make our friendship grow.

by Lisa W.

Mug or Cup?

Tea in a mug, or tea in a cup?
Does it really matter which
When the brewing time is up?

Both can be pretty and both can be plain.
Once the tea is in there,
You'll find they're much the same.

by Lisa W.

Time for Tea
by Lisa W.

Crisp orange leaves come floating down
And clouds are covering the sky.

I'd like to sip from a toasty cup
While picking apples for pie.
Time for Tea.

Barren trees stand old and blackened
Against the cold gray sky.

I'd like to sip from a steamy mug
While shoveling snow so high.
Time for Tea.

New green leaves pop out of branches
And birds fly through the sky.

I'd like to sip from a dainty cup
While following a butterfly.
Time for Tea.

Heat waves rise up and barely shimmer
In the pale blue cloudless sky.

I'd like to sip from an icy glass
While fanning myself dry.
Time for Tea.

Do you ever write poems? Have you ever written any about tea?

Have a lovely day my friends!


  1. I love your poems my friend. I have written a ton of poems but alas, none of them have been about tea. I wrote a funny poem about motherhood. I'll check and see if I ever posted it on this blog. I think I did. Hold on....yes I did and it even mentions tea in it and chocolate. Go figure!! LOL. Here's the link my friend. Because as my top commentator I know you want to be up on these things! LOL.
    Big hugs.

  2. Cupcakes and tea!! My favorites:-)

  3. Oh how cute! I love them! I have written the occasional poem. But they're not nearly as cut as yours. Good job!

  4. I'll have coffee...you can have tea,
    Crumpets for you and scones for me!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  5. Your poems make me smile! They are very sweet...and fun!


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