Monday, April 20, 2009

I Stayed Awake 38 Hours - Can You Beat That?

I had other things that I could have posted for today, but I thought I should give you an update on my airport adventure. I did finally get out of there with only a slight delay on the flight out (more than 12 hours after arriving at the airport). Technically I arrived at that airport around 11:30pm Friday night and finally left at 12:25pm on Saturday! Quite interesting checking out the night life at the airport. Actually, most people found spots near chairs or in hallways and just laid down and went to sleep! I just couldn't do that so I stayed awake all night and consumed a lot of caffeine during the day.

When my Dad picked me up, we went and had something to eat. *Sidenote here - every time, and I mean EVERY time I come to Montana I am caught off guard in the public bathrooms and it happened in this restaurant; Read all about it so you can be prepared!* Anyway, I then had more caffeine and helped Dad with a few things. It then occurred to me that I should stay awake a little longer or else I would wake up during the night all caught up on sleep. By the time I finally went to bed, I figured that I had been awake for 38 hours! Wow!

I am much better now. I had LOTS of sleep and not too busy of a day. Dad took me to lunch - we wanted a place where we could have some soup with sandwiches. Found a place and our service was NOT good! Here's an exchange from that restaurant:

"Hostess" seats us.
Dad: What's your soup today?
Hostess: I have NO idea! You'll have to ask your waitress.
Hostess gets us drinks.
15-20 minutes later, Waitress shows up.
Dad orders sandwich.
Dad: I'll have that with a cup of soup.
Waitress says nothing.
Dad: What's your soup today?
Waitress: No soup.
Dad: No soup?
Waitress: No soup or mashed potatoes.
Dad: But it says right here on the menu that you can have it with a cup of soup!
Waitress: No soup or mashed potatoes on Sundays.
Waitress: Do you want potato salad?

Because it's harder to make soup and mashed potatoes than potato salad? Because there's a city ordinance against serving soup and mashed potatoes on Sunday? Do you have any theories? And I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that their restroom probably had the same issue as the other, but I didn't check. I'm sure the adventures will continue!

And I do want to know - what's the longest you have stayed awake?

Have a blessed Monday!

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  1. I am LOLing all over the place right now my friend. I just read your little toilet seat cover incident. It's hit or miss here in Florida.
    So you had a good lunch it seems! LOL. Crazy.
    As far as staying awake unfortunately my tale of staying awake is a sad one as it was after the birth of my 2nd child. He almost died and we were awake for about 48 hours. I don't ever want to break that record again I can tell you that right now!!!
    I'm glad you got rested and your sleeping patterns are returning to normal.
    Big No Soup on Sunday size hugs to you!

  2. LOL! Lisa, you always put a smile on my face! Love the lunch exchange..yea, no theories on that one!

    I don't think I've stayed up longer then 24 hours, ever...maybe in college and I just don't remember!

  3. I "stayed" up that long when I was in labor but never for any other reason! I hope you are all rested up now.

    I wouldn't go back to that dive! It sounds like they have a policy against good customer service or any customer service.

  4. LOL, what happened to service with a smile??

  5. Excuse me rude waitress! ...Ha!

    On the other hand, I do hate using public restrooms. They could have at least had the seat covers...GROSS!

    On staying up, I don't remember, but you've got me beat!


  6. What an adventure you are having!

    I think the longest I stayed up was 8 hours working on a project in college -- and it wasn't even mine!

    Enjoy your visit!

  7. Oh, my goodness! I could NEVER do 38 hours straight! I love my sleep! I think my longest time was probably sometime during High School or college. I've blocked out that part of my life! ;)


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