Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Blogworthy Adventure

My life is usually pretty uneventful which is why I have to come up with other things to blog about. But not this time! I am having an adventure - how exciting!

I am currently stuck, oh so stuck in an airport. My plane tried to fly here once and turned back (bad weather, bad!). Thought I would just go on Saturday instead, but no - they kept us on the plane for a while trying to decide what to do. Yes, it's so enjoyable to continue sitting on the cramped plane while you're waiting. Finally they decided to try it again! And we made it here, but much too late to catch any connections. And they still didn't give us any free snacks the second time around!

So, stuck in the airport at midnight. Just a few hours until I leave right? Well, no, that would be more like over 12 hours! That's the first flight out to where I'm going! At least it's a decent size airport and very brightly lit in the main terminal. And hey, there are restaurants open! Oh, I mean restaurant - Burger King. Fast food has been eaten and a large soda consumed, thank you.

I played on my laptop until the battery died earlier and read a couple of magazines. Then I wandered around looking for outlets that weren't too isolated. Finally found one with no chair nearby so I'm hanging out on the floor for a while (as are many other stranded travelers). BUT, I must look important sitting on the floor with my laptop 'cause I've already been asked for assistance by other travelers - LOL. Laptop usage while sitting in uncomfortable positions must have a certain air of authority.

I guess this is my chance to catch up on all the blog posts in my reader and/or work on some future blog posts. And I may or may not wander around again when my behind goes numb. I am in view of a coffee place that is closed. I will know exactly when it opens and I will be an eager customer!! Did I mention that I am too paranoid to go to sleep in a public place like this? I just know somebody would steal my stuff or videotape me snoring.

Hey, I only have 9 hours left now! Look at the time just fly...

Have a wonderful Saturday! I know I will make it to my destination (my Dad's place) eventually. Then I will need to sleep! Then again, I wonder if Dad might steal my stuff or videotape me snoring. Hmmm...

Is your weekend as exciting as mine??


  1. LOL! I just emailed you back and then saw that you DID write a post already! LOL. Oh my friend, hang in there. And I would be the one video taping someone stealing your stuff while you were snoring! LOL.
    Big No ZZZZZZZZZZZ's for you tonight size hugs to you.

  2. When I traveled with work, that was always the worst part - getting stuck in the airport! I, like you, could never let myself fall asleep in a public place either. I hope the time passed quickly and you are almost to your destination.

    I would be the one taking pictures of people sleeping and snoring! I know, so mean, but it would help pass the time.


  3. That's the worst! I hope the time flies!!

  4. Oh how terrible and funny all at the same time. Definitely a blog worthy moment!

    Hope you have fun at your dads....and get some sleep!

  5. Oh, no! So sorry for you. I hope you get plenty of rest at your dad's.

  6. Very interesting post! Hope all goes well the rest of your weekend!
    Jen N

  7. I hope you get out of the airport soon! May the rest of you weekend be full of more pleasant adventures :)

  8. Never had the airport experience, and oh, how you make it seem so enticing. Who wouldn't want to sit on the floor, right? ...ha!

    Hope you made your way to some of that yummy coffee.

    Keep us posted and happy snoring.

  9. So sorry you got stuck in the airport. That is no fun! But it did make for an adventure.
    I love to people watch in the airport. Interesting folks all around.
    My weekend was relatively quiet and peaceful... unusual for me.

    Hope you resting up today!


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