Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Works-For-Me-Wednesday: Dog Shedding Solution

My hubby just came up with something that is really helping the dog shedding problem (it's that time of year). I bet some of you have even thought of this idea, but haven't actually tried it. Well, we tried it and it is working for us! The dog (Buster) likes it too!

Check out the video here for a demonstration.

I hope you enjoyed that! Are any of you going to try it now?

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  1. Wow! Tell you husband nice legs! LOL. Was there also a dog in there somewhere? LOL. Oh my friend that was hilarious to watch. We actually did that to one of our dogs too. Our other dog won't go near the vacuum so it's a no go.
    Please can't you move closer? LOL
    Big waiting for Shedding of the Dog part 2 size hugs to you!

  2. Oh I love it.....and it looks like Buster does too!

    Thanks for the great tip,.....and giggle. :)

    Have a great day.

  3. Great idea, if the dog is okay with it. My dog used to run and hide from the vacuum cleaner, so it wouldn't have worked for her.

  4. Wow! He did look like he loved it! Doggy massage!

  5. Ha! LOL funny! Yes, he seems to like it. I might have to pass that one along to my hubby and boys.


  6. That's awesome. I so want my hubby to try this with our two dogs. Shedding drives me insane. We already have vacuuming the sofas on our weekly chore list. I so have to add vacuuming the dog!

  7. That is very funny! We got tired of hair too so I broke down and bought the Furminator. Man does that thing do a GREAT job! We got the medium size and use it for our dog and cats! Very worth my money!

  8. LOL I've done that with our rat terrier before! LOL Luckily now I have a yorkie and he doesn't shed! LOL


  9. We did try that with our dogs, but they didn't like it.
    I'm sure that really helps with the shedding!

  10. HAHAHAHA that is so great. our doggie is one big shedder so we will have to try this!

    my dad did it when he was little to the dogs and me!

  11. Our vacuum actually came with a pet attachment! She is a super shedder though, and I think vacuuming her might break the
    Great video!!!

  12. LOL Cute dog! I have done this with my dog too, but she always tries to eat the vacuum hose instead of just enjoying it like yours does ;)

  13. Oh that is too funny! We actually have this problem with our cats. But considering the fact that they run for cover whenever we bring out the vacuum cleaner, I don't think this idea will work for us :o)

  14. I have never seen that before. I don't have a dog but I am going to suggest this to my aunt whose dog sheds tremendously!


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