Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tea For Two-sday ~ Teapot Gift

Thank you for bearing with my serious post yesterday - now moving on to lighter things! Welcome to Tea For Two-sday!

For my birthday, my expert thrift-shopping friend gave me this cute teapot as part of my gift (thank you LW!)! Isn't it adorable? I knew I had to set it out so I could look at it often.

But wait, there's a cup there, too. Well I just happened to go thrift shopping myself a few days later and I saw that tea cup sitting all by itself on a shelf. I knew that it was a match so I HAD to purchase it, of course! They look happy together. :)

Do you have a special teapot out on display? Have a lovely tea-filled Tuesday!


  1. Sadly I do not have a teapot YET! Yours are lovely though. I'll just live my teapot dreams through you! LOL
    Big longing for a teapot size hugs to you my friend.

  2. I do love it! It's beautiful! And I love that you found the matching tea cup. Too cool!

    I do have several tea pots sitting around. One of these weeks I am going to have to get with it and join you on Tuesday. Oh but of course, that would involve prior planning. And that I am terrible at!

  3. I only have one teapot, which I have in my china cabinet...my one special place for nice things to live free and unmolested by toddlers, LOL!

  4. It was like that tea cup was just waiting to get together with your tea pot! LOL

    Thanks for sharing...

  5. I just might have to dig out my grandmother's teapot and tea cups.

  6. Aw Lisa, what a cool bonus blessing to find the teacup! How neat is that? :)

  7. I have a few teapots that I found at various thrift stores. I really like to find nice ones and give them as gifts. I LOVE the cup that you found to go with that one I am so glad you came across it. Have a blessed weekend.


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