Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tea For Two-sday ~ Teacup Tales: The Blue Twins

A very Happy Tea For Two-sday to all of you! What kind of tea should I pour in your cup today? Go ahead and sit right down in that comfy chair - you deserve a little break!

I thought I would tell you about some more teacups today. What can I say? I like naming my cups. And they all have their own stories.

I call these The Blue Twins. They are both the same somewhat sturdy cups with oriental blue design on white. These were some of the first teacups that I received as a gift! A very dear friend (Thank you LW!) gave them to me a few years ago even though she really wanted to keep them for herself after she got them - LOL! She gave them to me for my birthday - so sweet! And not just one, but two that match - even better! They can keep each other company that way. :) They are lovely, aren't they?

Do you have teacups with special stories? Would you like me to post a Teacup Tale next month and include a linky so you can share your own Teacup Tales?

Have a lovely Tea For Two-sday my friends!


  1. My friend! I'm typing this from HOME! Can you believe it? Not sure how long it's going to last. We are using our back up dinosaur computer but for now I'm BACK!! Yeah Me!

    I love your teacups and think you should have a tea cup tale. I have a great tea cup story to share!

    If you need me I'll be online for the next few hours trying to get caught up! LOL Okay maybe not that long but....
    Big I need a welcome back party and you can host it size hugs to you.

  2. They are GORGEOUS!!

    I actually only own one teacup...my friend brought it to me from Thailand. :)

  3. Those tea cups are beautiful! They remind me of my grandmother's blue china. I'll do a Teacup Tale next month with you....I just need to figure out the whole linky thing...

  4. Yes, I would absolutely love to share a tea-cup tale! :)
    Your twins are lovely. :)

  5. They are pretty! Yes, I would be interested in a Teacup Tale next month. I have lots of pretty tea cups & tea pots. If I can only remember to take pics of them ;)


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