Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Reminding You About The *Dangers* of Sending Christmas Cards

Since I'm working on Christmas cards today (Hey, doesn't getting them postmarked before Christmas count for something?  Is it really my fault that the post office can't deliver them all in 24 hours after I mail them?), I thought about this post from last year.  Christmas cards can be *dangerous*!  This post was originally published on 12/18/08...

Though I'm sure ALL of you are already done with your cards (heh, heh...right), I still thought I would share this important public service announcement. They might need to actually start printing some warnings on boxes of cards.

Please be very careful as the following have been known to occur:

~ Carpal tunnel in wrist from signing so many cards

~ Illegible handwriting after writing so many addresses

~ Blurred vision from looking at so many names and addresses

~ Brain freeze when discovering that you have more than one address for a person and don't recall which one is right

~ Toxic envelope glue aftertaste that only a White Peppermint Mocha will get rid of

~ Papercuts on tongue from licking envelopes (Ouch!)

~ Feelings of guilt for not putting Christmas stickers on envelopes

~ Boomerang cards (happens when you don't put postage on - see Shannon's tale of woe)

~ Feelings of anxiety as you receive cards from people that you forgot to send cards to

You all be careful out there, OK?!

I don't have much time for blogging today, but I knew this was important to share! ;)
If you have any other warnings, please share them!
Wasn't that helpful?  :)  I'll be sure to watch out for the dangers as I work.  Did you send cards this year?  Are you done yet?

Have a terrific Tuesday friends!


  1. Girl I can vouch for the Peppermint Mocha! YUM! Hubby and I had one yesterday. He likes those girly drinks and I love him for that! LOL.

    How about convincing yourself that you already sent someone a card and then in reality didn't?! Then they ask how come you didn't send a picture to them this year. OY!

    Or how about getting a nice package from a friend and then wishing you had picked up "that thing" you saw for said person when you saw it because now you don't remember where "that" was and are now feeling kinda bad.
    Oh I'll find it! Rest assured. As soon as the Christmas Fog clears, I'll be good!

    Big all #1 fans should always leave really long comments to show how much they really like that person size hugs to you!

    You know I love you girlfriend!!

  2. Lisa, that was s seriously important service announcement!!! Whew, I'm done with cards, but barely made it through with out CT (my forearm was sore for 2 days), LOL

  3. Nice post, i know you did best for this,,, i will come on it again...
    Thanks for sharing...

  4. Danger...danger
    Using leftover cards from last year and hoping nobody remembers them

  5. I heed those warnings and don't send cards at all:-)

  6. Great post! That's why this year we did Shutterfly photo cards and I had my blog url on there where this years' Christmas letter is...

    Is that cheating? ;-)

  7. Thank you for that very important information. I think I'll heed your warning and not send out any Christmas cards. Afterall I haven't doned it yet in 15 yrs of marriage. Why start now ;)

  8. Oh but I should add...I am very proud of you for getting yours done. I do hope you survived. You know those papercuts are mighty dangerous!


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