Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Works-For-Me-Wednesday: Favorite Christmas Cookies

Happy Wednesday everyone!  What's working for me today is thinking about eating Christmas cookies!  My friend Kim is having Holly Jolly Week and today you can link up your favorite Christmas cookie recipes - yum!

There are a few cookie recipes that I like to make and give out with gifts at Christmas time.  My favorite isn't your typical type of cookie - it's biscotti.  I give some out every Christmas!  It's not that hard to make - really!

And these are my very favorite sugar cookies.  They are not the kind you can cut out.  I'm normally a soft cookie person - but these are crisp and buttery - they melt in your mouth - I LOVE them!

I made these for the first time last year and gave some out as gifts.  Yummy - they are a delicious treat!  You have to be delicate with them - I don't think you could mail them.

And these super easy cookies are always a hit - more like a candy really.  People can't stop eating these!

The last one I want to share is NOT a cookie recipe - sorry!  But it is a treat that I make every Christmas and give out to many people.  It's really sweet, but very yummy!  It looks so pretty with Christmas M&Ms!

Now you have some of my favorites!  Hope you see something you like!

Find more cookie recipes over at Homesteader's Heart for Holly Jolly Week and see what's working for other people on Works-For-Me-Wednesday at We Are THAT Family!  I'm also linking this up for Holiday Linky Friday at The Inspired Room and for the Cookie Exchange at The Mom Creative!  Also linked up at The Christmas Cookie Exchange at The Short Stop!

Have a wonderful Wednesday friends!


  1. I love baking at Christmas time...thanks for sharing these!

  2. Oh yum! Yum Yum Yum! I see the mocha balls may have to be on my list this year. They look yummy and I promise no to ship you any! LOL

    Big now is the time I wish I could eat what I want and not gain weight size hugs to you.

    Have a fabulous day my friend.

  3. These all look so awesome. I love the Vanilla party mix idea.

    I'm hosting an online Christmas Cookie Exchange on my blog today with a GREAT giveaway for everyone who participates. YOu can enter up to three cookies. I'd LOVE for you to be a part of it!!

  4. MMMMMmmmm COOKIES! No wonder Cookie Monster was always my favorite, LOL. Those little mocha balls look yummo! I use to make Biscotti as Christmas gifts, but then one of my sisters complained about getting those hard dry biscuits...no more biscotti gifts from me, :).

  5. Oh yum! I haven't made my baking list yet this year, and a few of these are definitely going on it!

  6. As usual, your baked goods sound divine!!

  7. Yum! I've had the Toffee Bars before but never made them. I hope to do so today with my kids--snowday!

  8. I'm a soft cookie person, too. Maybe that's why I like your blog! :-)

  9. I have wanted to make biscotti for a long time, but am always too lazy to do the baking twice thing. How sad is that??

    The mocha balls look especially yummy!

  10. pk @ Room Remix

    The Christmas Mocha Balls and the Toffee Cookies look AWESOME! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  11. Oh I love the Toffee Cookies and every time I make them I think of you... :-)


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