Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Makes My Friends Think I Like Chocolate?

Maybe it's something to do with my blog name...or the desserts I make...or the chocolate smudges on my chin - LOL!  OK, so I DO like chocolate!

I have some very sweet friends!  My friend Lori Ann saw these items and said that they were calling my name so she simply had to get them for me!  I have to agree with her - they match my blog!  It's a dish towel and a little tray.

Aren't they CUTE?!  I love them - what a sweet blessing!  Thank you Lori Ann!!

Remember, I'm not really here today.  I am offline - completely - all day.  I might be curled up in a ball on the floor suffering computer withdrawal.  Or I might be attacking the cabinet of paperwork I talked about yesterday.  Hopefully the latter.  :)

Have a terrific Tuesday!!


  1. Oh those are cute. And the tray in the back matched your old header perfectly.
    I must know where she purchased these things! LOL!

    Big I knew you would cave and touch the computer for some reason today size hugs to you! LOL!

    Now go get your filing done!
    Love you my friend.

  2. Those are so cute! And you're right, they do match your blog.

  3. Gasp! I LOVE the tray, CUTE! I love pink, and especially pink and brown! Gotta know where the tray came from! :)

  4. The tray is beautiful! She has a great eye for finding things. Have fun with all the paperwork!

  5. Oh those are adorable! So cute. As for "not" being here, everybody deserves a break now and then, right?!

  6. You are so welcome, my dear sweet sister in the Lord. If you all must know, I purchased these at Rite Aid. They were with the seasonal Valentine's things. Now, you can go see if your local Rite Aid has them, but please do not let Lisa know how cheap I really am!! ;P Really though, I just couldn't resist the "calling" out for Lisa and her kindness that she shows me all too often.

  7. Hi girly! I love those chocolate gifts your friend got you! Sooo cute! Hope you got all that yucky paperwork done today, Miss!



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