Sunday, January 17, 2010

Making My Home Sing ~ Battle of the Paperwork

Making your home sing Mondays

I thought I better get back with it and attempt to make my home sing!  My original plan was to call this "Paperwork Week" and stay off the computer the rest of the week, but that isn't very practical.  However, if I post the next couple of days, it will just be some quick pics and a few words.  I've GOT to keep my focus on the paperwork because it is attacking!

I have a cabinet about to explode with all the unorganized cookbooks, recipes, stacks of miscellaneous paperwork shoved in when no time to organize, etc.  It's scary.  I can't share a before pic with you - it's that bad!  Too embarrassing and I know hubs would not appreciate it.  Just imagine a large computer cabinet (no computer in it) with doors that fly open and paper starting to shoot at you from every direction!  That would be close.

Since I can no longer locate things I need in there, I know it's past time to organize.  Also, I need to find tax paperwork which I have conveniently mixed in.  Speaking of taxes, do you realize all the stuff that bloggers have to show on their taxes?  I just discovered that even not-for-profit, hobby bloggers have to show the value of all items received for reviews as barter income and the value of giveaway items should also be declared.  You can deduct some expenses like giveaway shipping, etc. but still - ugh.  And you certainly can't pretend like you don't remember receiving those items when you've blogged about them for all the world to see, including the IRS!  If this is news to you - here are a couple of links for you to look at with some good info here and here.   But enough with the bucket of cold water!

I'm going to attack the paperwork - all day Tuesday.  That means I'm going to go offline that day.  I will attempt to stay off the computer all day so I won't get sidetracked - no e-mail, no blog reading, no commenting, no twitter, no facebook (hands shaking in anticipation of withdrawal).  If you don't hear from me on Wednesday, you'll know that the cabinet got me.  :)  I'll try to have an update for you on Thursday.

I hope to be so organized when I'm done that my home is singing an opera - LOL!  Oh and the dishwasher repairman is supposed to show up tomorrow morning - that'll make ME sing!  Only 26 days without an operating dishwasher.  Sigh.  Bright side - 26 days without any other large appliance in our kitchen would be slightly more difficult.

Are you a super-organized paperwork person?  How are you making your home sing this week?  Stop over at Mom's The Word to see how others are making their homes sing and tell Nan to get well while you're there!

Have a marvelous Monday friends!


  1. Yikes! The paper Monster finally got to big huh? It had to of to take a break from the computer! LOL.

    I know you can do it my friend. I cleaned out my pantry the other day. I didn't take pictures of what I found but I'm going to have to share in a later post! LOL.

    Big you'll probably be able to make a fleet of paper airplanes with all the stuff you'll end up throwing away size hugs to you.

    Oh and thanks for knowing Kassia and hunting down a picture for me.
    Love ya!

  2. This is an area I need to tackle, but have ignored it to the point that paper is breeding in the cabinets and drawers! Maybe next week, I'll deal with it?

  3. I am so/so at paperwork. It is not out of control, but no totally in control either!! This is a challenge that may need to be looked at in my home. Hope your day is productive and truly makes your home an opera!!

  4. Good luck on tackling that paperwork:-) I know that it is difficult to keep under control.

    I haven't had a dishwasher since Thanksgiving:-(

  5. Thank you for the get well wishes, considering I just coughed all over your blog, lol!

    Wow, I had no idea about this tax stuff. I have had several people ask me to do a giveaway but I just never felt like I wanted to go in that direction. Now I'm glad as I don't have to deal with the taxes, lol!

    Thanks for linking up and good luck with the paper tiger, by tomorrow night it'll be a kitten!

  6. Thanks for the ugly reminder of the paperwork I need to fill out! I better get busy! Love you!

  7. Good luck...hope you are able to get through the paperwork you need to do! It will feel good to accomplish it!


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