Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Works-For-Me Wednesday: My Vitamins

Here's a tip that works for me:

I suppose you think these vitamins are for my son.  I do give him some when I feel he needs an extra boost for his immune system or he hasn't been eating well.  But mainly, these vitamins are for ME!

Now before you start shaking your head saying that a grown-up can't take a kid's vitamin, let me show you the back of the label:

Notice that it mentions adults?  That's right!

I'm not going to list out the whole label, but here are some key things that it does contain:

Vitamin C - 100%
Vitamin D - 100%
Folic Acid - 100% (the recommended 400 mcg)
Calcium - 10%
Iron - 100% (so don't take if you take iron supplements & keep these out of reach of young children)
Iodine - 100%

There are plenty of other vitamins (A, B, E & more) and minerals (Zinc, Copper & more) and even Choline.

I could take a daily pill to get my multi-vitamin.  But I have always hated taking pills and have had many bad pill-taking experiences.  I will conveniently forget to take pills unless I absolutely must take them for medical reasons.  I can usually remember to chew up a Flinstones character every day at breakfast time.  It's fun, so why not?  If it gets me to take my vitamin daily, then I think it's a good thing!  If you have trouble taking vitamins, give it a try!  There are even gummy bear vitamins - do what works for you.

Yabba Dabba Doo! - LOL!!  :)

Stop by We Are THAT Family to see what's working for everybody else!  Have a great day friends!


  1. Now I have to tell my husband that he is NOT the only adult on the planet that takes Flinstone vitamins (I have been telling him that for the last 13 years LOL)

  2. When I was pregnant, the prenatal vitamins made me horribly sick. My OBGYN recommended I take Flinstones vitamins instead.

    So there you go! Doctor approved!

  3. Oh my friend you are so cute. I'm still trying to find a multivitamin that doesn't make me dizzy. I have a weird reaction to something in a multi!

    Big no head swirling vitamin choking hugs to you my friend! LOL

    Have a great night!

  4. If it's got the Flintstones on it, then it's pretty cool in my books! Maybe I should try them too!

  5. Hey...whatever works for you:-)


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