Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I'm a Blessed Guest!

I'm honored to be a guest over at Blessed today!  Joanne is so sweet - you should stop by and peruse her blog.  This month she has an interview every day!  There are so many great people to read about!  And I'd love it if you leave a comment over there and say hello!

Now, I am linking up with my friend Clair over at Mummy Deals today!  She convinced me to try a challenge with her and I'm doing it!!  We are going to do something that is not only frugal, but healthy for us (and better for the environment at the same time) - we are washing our hair with baking soda for 1 week!  That's right - no shampoo, just baking soda.  You didn't know I was brave enough for that, did you?!

And yes I'll be leaving the house during that time and appearing in public!  Are you brave?  Are you willing to try something different for a week?  Join us!  Stop over at Mummy Deals for the details, leave a comment if you're participating, and feel free to post about it and link up!  We'll be blogging about the results after the 7 days.

See you over there!


  1. I want to see a picture each day of what your hair looks like. THEN MAYBE, I'll take the challenge! LOL!

    Big I've tried organic shampoo and had greasy hair to show for it size hugs to you! LOL!

    Have a fabulous day my friend.

  2. Oh I'm completely impressed! You are one brave girl. I don't use an expensive shampoo. But I don't mess around with it. I'll be interested to hear how it goes.

    And now I'm off to check the interview. Sounds interesting!

  3. I am not that brave! My hair would crack and fall out!


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