Thursday, March 25, 2010

Godiva Giveaway Winner

Obviously you all enjoy the Godiva!!  Glad I could share the Spring collection - if you happen to purchase something, I wouldn't mind a bit if you shared with me - LOL!

Here are the cute and yummy Godiva items one of you will be enjoying soon!
And the winner is...

Congrats Kathy!!!

Thanks for entering everybody!  
Have a lovely day friends!


  1. Oh YES! If I couldn't win, her winning is the next best thing because I KNOW she'll share that with me,(in a couple weeks) because I share my chocolate with her!

    Big best friends with chocolate is almost as good as having it yourself size hugs to you!

  2. Congrats to the winner. I am only pouting a little bit ;-)

  3. Oh my goodness!!!!! I won! :) I LOVE winning, hee hee, and I LOVE LOVE chocolate, hee hee hee...I giggled at Kim's comment because....duh...she KNOWS she's getting to share this! :)

  4. I cannot believe I missed this. I'm so sad... slinking away to a corner to cry...


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