Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Simple And Sweet Baby Shower Ideas

I recently attended a baby shower and had such a fun time!  I just had to share a few ideas from the shower with you in case you ever need to throw a baby shower (or adapt the ideas to fit a different type of party)!

All decor was done in neutrals which turned out so lovely and fit in well with the home's shabby chic decor.  I forgot my camera so I had a friend (thank you LW!) snap a pic of the cutest (yet simple) baby decor idea.

Do you see the word "baby"?  Those are little onesies with iron-on letters strung up with twine/string! I LOVE that idea!  You could even use it in a baby's room and could even spell out the baby's name on onesies.  So precious and clever!

And check out the gorgeous tissue pom-poms hanging!  Really cute!  I just saw a tutorial on how to make a small pom garland (which make great party or Spring decor) at A Life Designed, by RJ - check it out!

The neutral theme continued with the baby shower favors.
These hand-made cones were filled with candies - a simple and sweet idea!

And I managed to win a prize for one of the shower games!
It doesn't get easier than that!  My gift was inside the paper strips.  Neutral, simple, and still lovely (it's cuter in real life than my pic)!

There was great food, of course!  Rather than a cake, there were white cupcakes with white frosting - half of them had little toppers with a boy's name and half had toppers with a girl's name (the parents-to-be want to be surprised!).  You could also use a recipe like Almond Baby Cakes and spell out whatever you like on the tops.

And we played some fun games!  I wanted to share one quick and easy idea that I thought was really clever for any kind of shower.  Each guest addressed an envelope to themselves for the mom-to-be to use for her thank you notes and then one of them was drawn for a prize.  So easy and helped out the mom-to-be with pre-addressed envelopes!

I was just so impressed with the decorations and how the party was done that I felt I had to share some of the ideas with you!  I hope you enjoyed it and found a tip you can use!

Have a simply sweet day friends!


  1. Oh how cute!!! Very creative. I love the onesie idea.

    Big the older you get the less you have friends that get pregnant so you'll have to wait till your kids get married and I hope I don't forget by then size hugs to you!

    Have a great day my friend.

  2. Those are REALLY cool ideas!!

  3. This was a great shower. Yes, many great ideas for hosting!

    Love ya!

  4. Those onesies are the absolute best part! I have to pass this on to my sis. Makes me think of Gilmore Girls... ha!

  5. This is a perfect idea. I'll suggest this to my sister.



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