Monday, May 24, 2010

Artistic Memories

Shortly before leaving a friend's house after a lovely tea party this weekend, it was discovered that her bathroom had been "redecorated."  The attempt to make the bathroom prettier had been done with a variety of nail polish colors in many areas!  It turned out that her youngest daughter was the artist.  When her daughter was explaining how she was trying to paint the toilet seat purple, I had to walk away to hold back my laughter (so not funny as the mom, but amusing for the observer)!

This incident got me thinking about my son and I was trying to remember if he had done anything artistic like that.  He never did anything with nail polish, thank goodness!  But I finally remembered his big artistic moment (I had completely forgotten about it) when he was about 3 years old.  He had taken his colored pencils and drawn on every single door on the second floor - that would be 6 doors...both sides!!  He sure was a cute little artist though - aren't they all?  :)

Found a pic of my son at that age:
Very hard to be mad at such a cutie - LOL!

You've probably seen some cute little artists in action!  What's your favorite artistic memory?

Have a blessed day friends!


  1. Oh, my daughter has had a few artistic moments but the one that stands out the most is when she was two, I had put her down for a nap in one of those portable crib things because we were at a friends house. I happen to have put it next to the dresser where I had my make up bag.
    She got real quiet and after about 20 mins. I decided to go in and check on her and she had taken 4 of my lipsticks (red in color) and smeared it ALL over her body, from head to toe. The only place you could see skin was where her clothes had been. OY! I won't even tell you how long it took to clean her and about the pink ring it left in the bathtub. LOL

    Big we all learned a lesson that day that I don't ever want to relearn again size hugs to you!

    Love you my friend and loved this story.

  2. My daughter got in trouble at McDonalds for being sassy and not wanting to leave. We came home and I sent her to her room to sit on her bed. She is a weeper and usually cries for a while no matter if she is in a little trouble or a bunch. After about 10 minutes I realized I hadn't heard one cry. I went to check on her and she had taken her crayons with her to her bed and colored the entire wall that her bed was up against. Needless to say, my six year old learned how to use a magic eraser that day!

  3. That's why they are made your desire to neutralize them subsides:-)

  4. When my daughter was little "Pillow People" were popular (a stuffed, square pillow with legs and a face) one day she got out finger nail polish and painted her pillow peoples toe nails because she didn't think it was fair for hers to be unpainted. In the process though, she got it on her comforter and the walls beside her bed. I think she was about 3!! Needless to say, the room got painted, the comforter had polish on it until I could afford another one (which was quite a while) and the pillow people lived a long, long life with pretty toes!!

    Kids are wonderful even when being a little naughty!!

  5. Too cute! I don't think I have had anything that involved nail polish, but I have had an entire box of Kleenexes pulled out, Cheerios all over the floor and toilet paper all over the bathroom. One of my cuties started to carve her name on her dresser, but stopped halfway through when I think she realized it would implicate her!

    And I take the award still in our house for the most messy mess...dropping and entire half gallon of orange juice on the kitchen floor....


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