Monday, August 16, 2010

12 New Things

I was really trying to stay on my Summer blog break into September and wasn't even feeling inspired to post, but then I saw Sarah Mae's 12 New Things at Like a Warm Cup of Coffee.  I definitely need to join in!  The point is to learn new skills - one a month for the next 12 months.

I thought I would come up with something immediately, but it turns out that I am already quite good at the skill of eating chocolate.  :)  Actually, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that through my blog in the past year I already worked on and accomplished learning several new skills!  I created a special grocery list, organized my recipes, made yogurt and peanut butter, ate from the pantry, started reading 12 books in 12 months, stopped using shampoo, and more!  But I did manage to come up with 12 more things to work on, and none of them involve chocolate...yet.

August:   Come up with another 12 books in 12 months list.  I started last September and I'm behind but trying to catch up!  I think it's a good pace for me though.  And hey - I'm reading!

SeptemberWrite some articles to submit to magazines.  I talk about it, think about it, dream about it, but never actually do it.  So this is my chance!  And I figure this is an easier way to start than writing a book.

OctoberTake up jogging.  Ugh.  I don't necessarily plan to keep doing it long-term, but I think it's a quicker way to get in shape than some of the exercise I'm doing.  Good for the heart too!  I can get some good old Vitamin D from the sun at the same time.

NovemberMake my own pie crust.  I have NEVER made pie crust except for maybe in home ec waaaaayyy back in school.  Have always used Pillsbury refrigerated crust or a frozen prepared crust.

DecemberMake meringue cookies.  I've always wanted to try this and have a few recipes already.  If I succeed, they can be included in Christmas gifts!

JanuaryImprove piano playing skills.  I'm not very good as I left off with lessons about...oh...30 years ago - LOL!  I have a piano theory book to work on and plenty of songs to work on.

FebruaryCrocheting.  I did make an afghan a few years ago and started another one.  I need to figure out how to do it again so I can finish that afghan.  I would also like to try making crocheted bracelets that a friend of mine made - they are SO cute!

MarchTyping.  I can't touch-type.  I learned when I was a kid, but never used it back then.  So I have my own hunt & peck method, but I would be MUCH faster if I put my hands in the right place and didn't have to constantly look at the keyboard.  My son has typing software, so I'll just use that - it worked for him!  He was typing almost 50 words a minute by the end of 5th grade.

AprilLearn conversational German.  No good reason for this other than I'm part German and my sis is living in Germany right now and I can dream of taking a trip there, right?  We already own a set of lessons that we can listen to in the car and we'll probably be taking a long car trip in April so we can all learn the German!

MayMake jewelry.  Not sure how I will do at this, but I love all the creations I see on Etsy.  I will attempt at least a bracelet.

JuneMake espresso.  I let hubs do this and have refused to learn so far.  I shall try to learn all the particulars like the right grind, timing etc. so I can make myself iced lattes galore.  :)

JulyMake sourdough bread.  This seems intimidating because of making the starter first, but I love sourdough and it's a great bread to eat.

That's it!  Whew.  We'll see how I do!  I also want to give myself a list of 12 projects that need to be done in the next 12 months (maybe I should have listed *Project Completion* as a new skill to learn - heh,heh).  Then, on the side of my blog each month - I'll put the new skill I'm working on, the project I'm finishing, and the book I'm reading.  I'm excited to try this out!

What skills do you want to learn or grow in?  Write them up and link up at Like a Warm Cup of Coffee!  Or leave me some skills in the comments.

Thanks for sticking with my blog my friends - even though I took the Summer off.  I do appreciate you!

Have a marvelous day!!


  1. Those are wonderful things to learn my friend. I could actually help you with a few of those! LOL!

    Big we all need lists because at our age we'd forget size hugs to you!

    Love ya!

  2. What a GREAT list!! Good luck with those:-)

  3. What a great idea, I may have to try it too!! Love your list!! Anxious to see how it all goes.

    Love and Blessings to you!!

  4. Good for you, sounds like you have some fun learning planned! :) I recently made my first pie crust, and aside from my total lack of patience while it was chilling I was surprised at how easy it was!

  5. Good for you, sounds like you have some fun learning planned! :) I recently made my first pie crust, and aside from my total lack of patience while it was chilling I was surprised at how easy it was!

  6. Wow, Lisa! That's quite a list! I could totally help you with Piano if I lived near you! My friend Morgan used to come over to play our piano, since she didn't have one. We would end up playing for each other and helping each other get better!

  7. Make expresso - I am SO with you on that one!

    I am so happy you are joining in...I missyou and am so bummed you won't be at Relevant!!!!!!! :)

  8. These are great, Lisa! It inspires me to try to do the same 12 books that I did last year totally bombed and here I am at the due date with 4 books left to read. But maybe this kind of thing would be more manageable. I love using my blog as an accountability incentive....

    And I am right there with you on the typing one....I have to watch the keyboard when I type too.

  9. Thanks for the encouraging words friends! I hope you'll help keep me accountable! :)

  10. It sounds like you have a FUN, educational year ahead of you!

  11. I love your goals! I'm kinda inspired by them! Jumped over from LWCC- good luck! :)

  12. I am stopping in from 12 Things to say hello! i can't wait to follow everyone. I am excited and will get started as soon as come up with my whole list. Funny how I am always saying I wish I knew how to do that, but when it is time to write them down I draw a blank! Good luck and i will be seeing you :)

  13. This is a wonderful list. And I see several things that would be on my own list if I made one. Maybe that means I should join you! Keep encouraging us to do so and I probably will. (Trying to wait for things to settle down a bit before I start anything new, but that's probably a fruitless desire!)


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