Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fall Is In The Air...Somewhere

It's starting to feel like Fall - well for some people anyway.  I was getting a bit of a Fall feeling from seeing Fall decor around and from school starting up today.  BUT - the 106 degree temp forecast for today is not helping!!

Last week, we went into Ross one evening to make a quick purchase for the kiddo.  I walked past Halloween decorations, shaking my head at the earliness, but then halted at the Fall decor.  I was drawn to the pumpkins.  I think I'm developing a love for all things pumpkin and can't pass up a cute one!  Well, I saw this little beauty and felt that it simply must be mine (after checking the price tag of course - LOL) - I asked hubs and he said that I could buy it!  Um, not sure that he had much of a choice as he quickly weighed the purchase against the other alternative - a miserable evening with a pouting wife.  (Sigh - really need to work on that pouting issue.)  Thank you dear!!

Who could resist this cutie?

So now I'm getting the itch to put out Fall things.  I also blame it on Melissa at The Inspired Room.  2 years ago, she kind of forced me to decorate for Fall, which I reluctantly attempted and linked up to her Fall Nesting Week.  And last year, I participated again in the Fall Nesting festivities.

Melissa is doing it again this year!  Get your Fall posts ready (even if you're not decorating for Fall) and link up at The Inspired Room on September 8!  For you non-bloggers, be sure to stop by Melissa's place to see all the great ideas and get inspired for Fall!

And speaking of Fall ideas to inspire you, check out this cute Fall wreath idea at Nesting Place - love it!

Are you getting that Fall feeling yet?

Have a wonderful day friends!


  1. Oh I can't wait for Fall because that means Winter isn't far behind which means cooler weather for us.
    And I love the pumpkin. Too cute!!

    Big your ceramic pumpkin would look great next to my ceramic pumpkin so I think you should send it to me size hugs to you.


  2. I usually decorate for fall after school starts. It helps to fill the void the kids leave in my day:-)

  3. I LOVE this pumpkin..I am a fanatic about all things pumpkiny! Have never seen one of these.

  4. I lOVE your pumpkin. I am a fanatic when it comes to pumpkins...Glad you got it before me but I have never seen one like this. Love it


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