Thursday, September 16, 2010

Florida Trip ~ Creatures On The Beach

Yesterday I showed you the relaxing Florida beach near my friend Kim's (Homesteader's Heart) house.  Today I thought I would show you all the creatures I saw there!

Sand crab - somewhere down in his hole!

Sand crab - about the middle of the screen looking at you with his little beady eyes!

Sea turtle - in the nest.

Awww...cute - it's a sand flea.

Underside of a sand flea.  Wait...sand flea??  Blech, but thanks to Kim's husband for showing me!

Jelly Fish!

Homesteaders.  AKA Homesteader's Heart family!


Some scary creatures there - LOL!!

I want to remind you that tomorrow (Friday 9/17) is Chocolate Friday - Woo Hoo!  I'll share a little something chocolatey and you can too!  Bring your chocolate post by to link up and/or share your chocolate thoughts in the comments!  See you then!

Have a wonderful day my friends!


  1. You are so cute my friend. You make it sound like the turtle is buried under the sand. LOL!
    Have you booked your next flight back yet. We really do miss you. Especially Brody! Hee! Hee!

    Big the homesteaders bite so be careful size hugs to you!

    Love ya!

  2. That's a huge sandflea! NS has tiny ones that you can barely see. Not sure which one I prefer - big or little? How 'bout none!

  3. It is so funny how the east coast beaches and the west coast beaches are so different! And those sand fleas would freak me out.


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