Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Relax On The Florida Beach

Normally I would tell you to stop and smell the chocolates, but today I want you to stop, take a deep breath and smell the beach!  This is the Florida beach that's just a short walk from my friend Kim's (Homesteader's Heart) house!  I was just there last week!  Lovely and relaxing.  Enjoy...

That is all.  Relaxed?  Me too.  More beachy fun tomorrow...

Enjoy more pics for Wordless Wednesday at 5 Minutes For Mom!  Have a relaxing day my friends!


  1. I can feel the ocean breeze blowing across my upturned face, eyes closed, breathing in the salty smell, digging my toes into the sand. Ahhhhh.....

    (Sorry for the run-on sentence but my senses got carried away!)

  2. Wish I could dig my toes into the sand!

  3. I wish we could have just gone over there to play and dig in the sand. It seems like we were always in a hurry! LOL!
    Come back and we'll make a sand castle.
    Big Sandy Toes and Jelly Fish Rolls size hugs to you!

    Love you my friend!
    I"ll have a post up sooner or later. Just got the pictures from Kathy last night so we'll see how today goes!

  4. Great pictures!! LOVE the Beach!!

    Love and Blessings

  5. OH how I would love to be there right about now! We leave for vacation in a little over a week. I can't wait! Glad to see you blogging again my friend!

  6. Very nice, love your blog header! Newest follower.

  7. I love the beach! That's the ONLY thing I miss about working, lol...I use to go there on my lunch hour and sit and listen... :)


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