Thursday, October 28, 2010

Retro Runway ~ 80's Hair

Retro Runway - Frugal Creativity
Melissa from Frugal Creativity is having a Retro Runway blog party today!!  Post some fun retro pics or memories and go link up!

I already showed you some of my 80's hairstyles last week.  And I even told you the story of THIS hairstyle!

But then how does one go from that (above) to this (below)?  And in about a year and a half too!
This was my Senior picture that went in the yearbook.  It was taken the Summer before my Senior year.  I had a professional session and everything!  That hair took some time every day, especially since I have very fine, very straight hair!  I remember blow drying, using the curling iron A LOT, teasing it some, using a ton of Aqua Net hairspray and then sometimes having to start all over because I wasn't happy with it.  That meant I would go rinse it out and start fresh.  LOL!  It was all about the hair I tell you!!

Then fast forward less than a year later, after graduation - now what's happened to my hair?  I had to cut it short during the year - long story short - got mono, had high fevers, 3 months later started losing some hair, cut it short while new hair growth happened.  It was already growing out by the time the pic below was taken.  So what did I do??

I asked the hair stylist to give me a bob, but to make it unique.  This is what we came up with - cut the sides like a bob, cut it short & spiky on top, leaving a few long pieces for bangs.  Er, because that makes perfect sense, right?!  :)

This was at a family reunion and here's a pic of me, my Dad, and my sis - just so you can get the full 80's outfit feel!
Mini skirt - check.  Large LA Gear shirt with shoulder pads - check.  Big earrings - check.  Swatch watch - check.  Unusual hairstyle - check.  Dad who wears black dress socks with shorts - check.  Ah, good times.

So there's your little dose of the 80's and a bit about how often I would change my hairstyles!  Hope you enjoyed it!

Go check out Retro Runway for more fun looks into the past!!

Have like a totally awesome day friends!  :)


  1. Oh my friend. OH MY FRIEND. LOL!
    You rock and I'm proud to call you my friend. I so wish I had a picture of me in my parachute pants. LOL!

    Big if you have bad hair make sure your outfit rocks and vice versa size hugs to you.

    Love you my friend.

  2. I remember the hair that took FOREVER to get it just right. I do not miss those days at all. But it's fun reliving the memories. Oh & I loved the story of your really short picture. You are one brave woman!

  3. Love it! I definitely remember those days of curling irons and hairspray ... and starting all over! I think that's when my dad put in a powder room so I could fix my hair without tying up the bathroom for so long!

  4. Shoulder pads - on everything! Now those were the days! Great pics you brave woman!

  5. Shoulder pads... those were the thing, weren't they. I never had big hair though. Strange hair, but never big hair!

  6. {giggle} Love the first hairstyle... hmmm, the last bob-type one? Well, it is interesting! So fun.

  7. this made me laugh...
    especially about your dad and his socks/shorts

  8. OMG - Aquanet!! HaHa
    Do they even make that anymore????
    I actually LOVE the "boy" look and you really rock it with your dad's clothes and your "model" stance.
    Great photos.

  9. Your hair was really pretty but I know it definitely took some time ;) I asked the hairstylist to just cut my hair in a bob (like it already was) and I came out with some sort of "punky hairdo" I almost cried so I went to my regular stylist and we had to cut it all off to get it back to looking "normal".

  10. Your growing out doo is pretty good! I had the big earrings too. My dad would wear white socks with black shoes...even when he was dressing up!! I didn't own a swatch watch or a LA Gear shirt:(


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