Friday, December 3, 2010

Farewell To CHOCOLATE Friday

Welcome to the last CHOCOLATE Friday on my blog!  Hopefully you had a chance to see my post the other day explaining my decision to quit blogging.  I'm sorry that I won't be sharing the chocolate with you anymore, but I know you'll be able to find plenty of other yumminess in the blogosphere!

I thought I would share a few of my favorites of my chocolate recipes and tell you how many times I've made them!  I know you'll find something to enjoy!

So easy and chocolatey! Cures all your chocolate cravings! *3 times*

Rich, moist, and love the cinnamon with it!  *3 times*

Like brownies and taste fabulous dipped in coffee!  *25+ times*

My own creation - rich and full of coffee flavor!  *4 times*

Simple, elegant, delicious and can be made ahead!  *8+ times*

Chocolate, coffee, and pecans - yummy!  *4+ times*

DElicious and easy - can't eat just one!  Been making for over 20 years!  *at least 75 times*

Do you have a chocolate recipe you've made lots of times?  Do you have a newer favorite?

My friends, I have enjoyed sharing Chocolate Fridays with you for 2 1/2 years!!  Thank you for coming by and sharing your chocolate too!  I'll miss you!  And don't worry, I'm just giving up blogging about the chocolate, not giving up the eating of it - HA!  :)

For the last time, I would love it if you would link up your chocolate posts today - even an old post!  Let's party with plenty of chocolate today!!

I will probably post one last time on Monday and that will be it.  HUGS to you!


  1. These recipes all look yummy! I'm looking for quick and easy today, so I'm off to check out the Mix-in-the-Pan cake. :)

    I'm sad to see Chocolate Friday ending. Thanks for hosting it for these past couple of years.

  2. Lisa, I will miss Chocolate Friday. I've tried couple of recipes and I'm tempted to try a lot more though I'm on a diet to lose weight. I hope you can get back to blogging Chocolate Friday in future. Thank you so much for sharing the recipes.

  3. Well... I'm going to keep posting chocolate Friday at my blog. I'll think of you every week!

  4. Lisa, I will miss visiting your blog but I appreciate your reasons for not blogging - I felt convicted about my incessant need for "comment love" while reading your going away post, and seeking approval from readers rather than from God. I will work toward a better balance too!

  5. I will miss your posts, especially Chocolate Fridays. So I had to link up one more post. I love chocolate and nuts together, so thought that one would be a tasty and easy recipe to share; especially this time of year.
    God bless you on this new journey of life.


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