Monday, December 6, 2010

OK - THIS Is The Last Post

I know, I announce that I'm quitting blogging and then I just keep posting!  But really, this is my last post!  I do thank everybody for their very kind and supportive comments on my "quitting" post!  You all are lovely people!!

Let's get some practical things out of the way first:

* My blog will stay up, just no new content.  So you can stop by anytime for recipes and/or to see my smiling face.  :)

* I will be putting together a recipe index for ALL the recipes on this blog.  I realized that nobody (including me) is able to find some of the yummy main dish, side dish, tea time and other recipes I have posted here.  When I have that done, I'll put a little note at the top of my blog and mention it on FB and Twitter.

* Chocolate Fridays will live on!  Kristal at Knit 1 Kids 4 has been a faithful Chocolate Friday contributor and she will be hosting them now!  Be sure to stop by her place to support Chocolate Friday!  Thanks Kristal!!

* On Friday's chocolate post, I can't believe it, but I forgot to mention one of my favorite chocolate recipes and I want you to have it for the holidays!  I've made these at least 15 times and people LOVE them - plus they're bars which make them easy!  My pic is not the best...

I want to take a moment and say thank you to all of you for stopping by so many times, reading my posts whether or not they had much value, leaving me such wonderful comments, and for becoming my friends!  I appreciate you all - you made this blogging ride a great one!  I hope and pray that you all have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Thank you and Good Bye!  HUGS and many air kisses!  :)


  1. I was hoping you'd say that you'd changed your mind. :) But that's just selfish of me.

    I'm glad that Chocolate Fridays will continue in Kristal's capable hands. I'll still miss you!

  2. Well, Lisa... I totally understand. I hadn't seen your quitting post but when I saw that you were saying farewell to chocolate Friday I wondered if it was the case. I was hoping that you were just looking for a way to scale back. I know you have been struggling with doing it all for a while now so I applaud your decision. Many hugs to you... and well, chocoalte/toffee... holy moly.

  3. I have thought about stopping as well so I understand. I will miss your blog. I wish you the very best. I hope I will catch you on twitter sometimes and maybe when I am in California we can meet up!

  4. Sadness... but you gotta do, what you gotta do. Thanks for all the great recipes you've shared!!! If the mood strikes you, surprise us every now and then.


  5. So glad to see someone carry this on. I will have to check things out.

    Goodbye to our resident baker. :)

  6. So if I don't comment, does that mean you can't quit blogging?!?! Just know that I am missing you already my friend! Love ya girl!

  7. I admire your decision. Best of luck with whatever you choose to do in the future.

  8. So I just came over here to hang out awhile and to remember what used to be! Why does it make me so sad? LOL! It's not like you've fallen off the planet. I have your email and phone number, but part of me wants to be inside your kitchen through pictures looking at your yummy chocolate things!
    But I do understand! You know I still love ya!

  9. So yeah and stuff! I just got done staring at my refrigerator and thought I'd come by and say hi! So HI!
    I've eaten way to much sugar these past two weeks. OY!
    Love you my friend.
    Have a Merry Christmas.

  10. I had a sticky note on my desktop with your URL to remind me to come by. I'm sad to see you're not going to be posting any longer, but I will definitely browse around.

  11. Here I am again! I guess I'll have to print all your recipes now that you have them all organized and stuff. That's fun. *sigh*
    I'm drinking coffee right now what are you doing, besides not blogging? LOL!
    You know I love ya right?

  12. I wish you much luck in all you do.

  13. The blog world will miss you...but I'm glad we can keep track of each other on Facebook! :)

  14. Lisa,
    Well I'm glad we live near each other so it doesn't have to be offically goodbye! :)) I have to go back and read your announcement... I missed it. I'm happy for you, though. All new chapters are good and it sounds like you are opening a new one!
    All my best to you!!!


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