Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Musings

My friend Charlotte does Monday Musings which I enjoy because I always know a little about what's happening in her life.  I thought I would do the same today!

What I'm thinking: That I can't figure out the best time of day to blog anymore.  I used to do it in the evenings, but my brain is usually mush by then.  And I don't like mornings as now I'm in the habit of having prayer time and reading Bible, devotional, and other books before doing anything else.  And then I have to try to get a few chores done and fit in time for exercise.  And don't forget mealtimes - LOL!  I'm thinking that after lunch will be best if I can get more chores done before lunch.  We shall see...

What I'm reading: I'm still sticking with my slow-but-sure Bible reading (1 chapter Old Testament and 1 chapter New Testament per day).  I love my newest set of devotionals!  I finished the one on Contentment (so good) and am now reading the one on Trust.  And I'm behind on my 12 books in 12 months by a couple of months, but I think I'll get caught up by next month.  Right now I'm reading Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen.

What I'm listening to: Hubs listening to talk-radio while working from home and son making all sorts of annoying noises as he lets off steam after a day of school!

What we're learning: Son is taking beginning tennis classes this month and likes it so far!  He's also learning fishing knots for Boy Scouts.  I'm supposed to be working on my typing skills this month, but haven't started yet.

What I'm watching: Friday night we watched our son's Christian school perform Pirates of Penzance!  They have a very impressive drama department (for such a tiny school).  The play was so much fun, the costumes were lovely (many talented seamstress moms), and the cast did a great job!

What's cooking: Yesterday I tried a new recipe for 3 herb drumsticks that bake in the oven - they were good!  Other than leftovers, I won't be cooking up too much as it's my Birthday Week - LOL!  What's my fave dinner to have out for my bday?  Steak!  I'm still a meat & potatoes Montana girl at heart!  :)

What I'm buying: Well I've gotta mention Birthday Week again 'cause it means that I'll go shopping.  I haven't purchased new clothes for quite some time other than odd pieces here and there from thrift stores.  I really need some exercise clothes since I started going to the gym regularly and only have 2 pair of exercise pants that can be seen in public - LOL.

What I'm thankful for: So many things!!  I'm thankful for my fabulous family and sweet friends, for the sunshine, for Birthday Week Starbucks card blessings, and for Spring Break coming soon!

What I'm creating: Nothing at the moment!  Does my blog count?!

What I'm praying: For God's wisdom and guidance for our family and I'm praying for so many dear friends going through a variety of trials right now - financial, medical, emotional, etc.

What I'm planning: We just decided that we will stay in town for Resurrection Day (Easter), so I need to figure out what to serve and see if any of my brothers-in-law ( I call them "The Brothers") will be coming over.  Also, son's class will be celebrating their Literature Day in a few weeks (Hans Brinker) and I'm helping plan the food part of the day.

What we did this last weekend: Friday night we went to the play and then out for dessert (which turned out to be a terrible restaurant experience - oops!).  Saturday involved lots of errands and Sunday was relaxing with Church.

What I'm looking forward to: Easter Break!!  Our Christian school takes 2 weeks off at Easter - Woo Hoo!  My Dad may be visiting during the 2nd week, so I'm looking forward to that and hoping the weather will be nice!

A picture to share:
The devotionals I'm enjoying right now.
What's happening with you?  Enjoy the rest of your day friends!


  1. Yum, Steak and potatoes. Being a California girl I say, "Eat meat."

    Love this blog!

    Happy Birthday week!

  2. I love this, Lisa! It is so fun to see a peek inside your week.

    You are my read-thru-the-Bible buddy...I am doing the 2 year schedule and am so far on track. How fun for B to start tennis! And we almost went to Saturday's performance of Pirates of Penzance....didn't make it though. :-( I would love to see the recipe for that chicken sometime.

    Jeri and I were talking and we 3 need to get together sometime!

  3. You must have snuck this post by me some how. LOL!
    Shopping for clothes...yuck! LOL!
    I can't believe you're not creating anything. Come on girlfriend. Hee! Hee!

    Big I'm putting the size back into my hugs because it's how I roll size hugs to you!
    Love you my friend.
    Be on the look out for a small package this week. I doubt it will get there on your birthday though. But since this is your birthday "week" I guess that's okay. Ha!


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