Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Breakin'

Does that title make it sound like I'm break dancin'?!  Is this where I should admit that I had a break dancing record (yes, I said record) when I was in junior high and it had directions on how to do some of the moves?  And should I tell you that that's when I taught myself how to moon-walk?, then you might start feeling envious of my skillz.  :)

Sorry I haven't been around much friends!  Last week was Birthday Week so I made the most of it and now I'm enjoying Spring Break!

The kiddo gets 2 weeks off around Easter every year since he attends a private Christian school.  Since we'll have company next week, all my housework catch-up, errands, etc. need to be finished up this week.  That and paying some attention to my kiddo while he's home during the day and hubs in the evening aren't leaving much time to be online.

Posting may be sporadic next week while my Dad visits, but then hopefully the following week I'll get back into a bit of a rhythm.

Are you on Spring Break right now?  Do you have next week off?  If you homeschool, do you take a Spring Break?

Stay tuned for a post telling you where you can go find a yummy dessert recipe I made!

Have a lovely day friends!


  1. Oh my friend. I can TOTALLY see you moonwalking. LOL! But did you have the killer parachute pants like I did?
    Enjoy your break and you Dad when he gets here.
    Big if you still have your record you could sell it on ebay for the next generation to enjoy size hugs to you! LOL! They probably don't even know what a record is. Ha! Ha!
    Have a blessed day and a Happy and Glorious Easter!

  2. No spring break here. We decided to skip it so we can finish May 20th. 4 weeks to go!


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