Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Musings {6/25}

Gonna join up with my friend Charlotte today for a few Monday Musings! :)

What I'm thinking: That I stayed up too late, got up late, and have already missed several items on the very specific schedule I wrote out for myself last night. Sigh. We'll see how the day goes and if I can fit some of these things in later. And I will try again tomorrow!

What I'm reading: Not much at all. That was one of the things I was supposed to do early this morning. The next book I plan to read is Tell Your Time by Amy Lynn Andrews {Can you tell I need it? LOL}.

What I'm listening to: The whole house fan running to cool the house off. Birds chirping outside. Hubs listening to talk radio as he works from home today.

What we're learning: Well we finished our official homeschooling, but still need to finish up some reading in a couple texts - history and science. I'll try to finish up the science book with kiddo this week.

What I'm watching: Son has just recently discovered Leave It To Beaver on Instant Netflix and he really likes it! So we've been watching episodes together in the evenings. Quite amusing!!

What's cooking: I just got done cooking several things for a ladies' tea, so I haven't thought enough about what I'm making this week other than Parmesan Chicken and pork loin. And I've got to try making these Coconut Oil Chocolates I pinned on Pinterest! Yum!

What I'm buying: Hmmm. Son still needs a new swimsuit and a couple items before he goes to Boy Scout Summer Camp in a couple weeks. And I can tell you that it is quite likely that I will buy at least one Starbucks drink this week - LOL! :)

What I'm thankful for: My marriage! It seems we are surrounded by family and friends who have marriages ending or in crisis. Satan is hard at work. Please take a moment to pray for marriages today!

What I'm creating: A schedule for myself? Maybe?? Hopefully?? Last week I created some simple tea party favors and I'll post those sometime soon.

What I'm planning: To get myself on track this week!! And to keep up with kiddo's activities - we're heading to his tennis class shortly. Nothing too big on the calendar this week - but busy.

What we did this last weekend: I went to our Church Ladies' Tea Party! Lots of great food and fellowship and almost everybody wore a hat - fun! When I came home, hubs and son surprised me - they had cleaned up my kitchen disaster and all the floors in the house, plus washed the dog beds!! So lovely and smelled fresh and clean!! And we had Chipotle for dinner so I didn't have to cook - perfectly wonderful. :)

What I'm looking forward to: Walking with a friend this week while kiddo is at golf class. We did our first walk last week - walked to the nearest coffee shop, sat down and had coffee until it was time to go, walked back - oops, ha, ha!! I'm sure we'll do better this week!

A picture to share:
Some of the yummy food at the tea party!

How was your week last week? What are you looking forward to this week?

Have a blessed day friends!


  1. I always wake up with good intentions. In fact I am the self proclaimed queen of them. It sounds like you had a pretty busy week. Sure wish you'd make it down again. I miss my friend.

    Big what is a whole house fan and what exactly does it do size hugs to you?

    Love ya!

  2. what a great post! that tea party sounds so fun!! ((and looks delicious too!))

  3. Looks yummy! Your talent in the kitchen never ceases to amaze me! I need to do a schedule too. Right now I'm more winging it by the seat of my pants...which isn't working all that well. BTW, my son loves to watch Dick Van Dyke on Netflix. I didn't realize how funny that show was. I find myself getting sucked into multiple episodes. Guess that's why I need that schedule ;)

    Blessings to you my friend!


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