Thursday, June 21, 2012

You Can Scream Here - It's Safe

Are you behind on a million and one things? Surrounded by chaos? Running around trying to keep up with schedules, activities, friends, and family? Behind on e-mail, blogging, and keeping up with the latest on social media? Have piles of dishes to wash, laundry to fold, paperwork to sort? ME TOO. And for those of you who are all caught up - pretty please come help the rest of us?! :)

When I get behind & busy, I usually want to bury myself under my blankets and hide out hoping that everything will get accomplished all by itself. That doesn't work, obviously. What if I just let it all out in a scream? Would I feel better? Well, screaming out loud in my own house could be rather disturbing for my son - LOL! And I don't want to alarm any neighbors! I really just want to let it out in a *virtual* scream. I think it'll clear my mind and let me move on with what I need to tackle.

Would you like to join me? You can *scream* right here with me and nobody will hear it and you won't be judged for it! Ready?? I want you to type your scream in the comments - all CAPS please, and scream mentally at the same time. Here we go:

{You can type your scream any way you want!}


Take a deep, deep breath.

Look around you and find one thing you've been blessed by today. 
{Mine is a pretty new apron that arrived in the mail! Will you share your blessing in your comment?}

Smile, even if it's forced.

God is good. He knows everything you're going through. Would you say a prayer for yourself and for the person who commented before you?

Accept a virtual hug from me!

List the next 2 or 3 things you must accomplish today.
{Yes, you CAN do it!! With God, all things are possible!}

Feel better?
{I do.}

Come on back and scream here anytime you need to - the walls are soundproof and it's safe. Feel free to leave any prayer requests in the comments - I would be honored to pray for you today.

I hope the rest of your day is truly blessed!


  1. Okay if this had been 2 days ago I could have joined in but I'm doing pretty good today. I did a lot of "those" tasks yesterday and feel pretty good about it today.
    BUT I still need to tie up some loose homeschool ends for next year and sell some books that I don't need so there are my two tasks that I still need to do. and Since there is noone commenting above me I'll pray for you my friend!
    Big my blessings overflow and I thank the Lord for them because I certainly don't deserve them size hugs to you!
    Love ya!

    1. Good job my friend!! And thank you for the prayers - I appreciate them!

  2. AAAAAAAACCCCCCCKKKKKK!!! Okay, There is my scream.

    I look around me, and see the game Candyland on the floor behind me, from our game with the kids last night. God has blessed me with special moments to play with my children. Thank you Lord for that sweet time; it will be gone before I know it.

    Three things to do today? Have the kids finish their 4-H record books, go major food shopping, clean the bathrooms.

    Thanks so much, Lisa! I really did need to read this this is a busy day and seems a bit more manageable now.

    Thanks, dear friend. :-)

    1. Glad if it helped friend! Love your blessing - so sweet. You can definitely get those things done today - you rock! :)


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