Friday, October 5, 2012

This One's For The Non-Bloggers

You *are* allowed to read this if you're a blogger! In fact, I encourage you to!

Sometimes it's difficult for bloggers {like me} to remember that a good part of their readers are not bloggers. And those non-bloggers are often silent lurkers {I was once one myself}. There's an invisible group of people out there reading our blogs who want to feel included and connected. I know that when I started this blog, I wrote for anybody & everybody out there who might happen to see my words. As time went on, and I was mostly in contact with other bloggers, I often wrote {unintentionally} my words for an audience of bloggers. That means that non-blogging readers might not have understood some of the lingo or cared about what I was referring to in my posts. May I apologize to my non-blogging readers? It was never my intention to make you feel left out. {I haven't received any complaints, but of course I can't hear the silent ones.} :)

I do know that you're out there! You, my real-life Facebook friend that stops by and reads when I share the link. You, the woman who found me through a search, book-marked my blog, and occasionally stops by to catch up. You, the subscriber and long-time follower who has never left a comment. And you, and you! I sense your presence. :D Thank you for reading! I do hope you enjoy your time spent here in my corner of the blogosphere!

Some of you may prefer to stay quiet and private by not leaving comments or sending e-mail and that's OK {I'm totally non-confrontational and a people-pleaser, so hey - I just want *you* to be happy - LOL!}! But some of you may be quiet only because you really don't know a lot about blogs or how to leave a comment or that anybody even cares whether or not you leave a comment! By the way, all bloggers *love* comments because it's a way of knowing that their words have connected or are appreciated. :)

Never left a comment before? It's easy - really. At the bottom of the post {at the top on some blogs} after it says who posted it and the time, there's a number of comments listed - like right now this one might say "0 comments." Click right on those words to take you to the screen to leave a comment! Now just enter your comment in the box. Below that, if you have a profile set up on Google, Wordpress, AIM, etc., you can choose that profile to post from. Or you can choose "Name/URL" and leave your name and a link to your site if you have one. If you don't know what any of that is - just choose "Anonymous" {not all bloggers accept anonymous comments} and include your first name in the box under your comment. When you're done, click publish!

I'll try to be more mindful of the way I write in the future, knowing that many of you readers are not bloggers! Please forgive me if I slip up from time to time. And you, silent reader, I'm waving at you right now - you can go ahead and wave back! You don't even have to break your silence to wave! :)

Are you a non-blogger that has questions about blogs - like how to comment, how to subscribe, what is RSS, how to find a specific post, and more? There are no dumb questions you know!! Just click these words right here: "Contact Me" to find your preferred way to get ahold of me and ask away! I'd be happy to answer {if I know the answer!}.

Um, never mind. Turns out that 2 posts were sent in 1 e-mail and I just didn't scroll down far enough. Oops. ----> P.S. If you are currently subscribed to my blog by e-mail {thank you, by the way!}, would you mind checking something? I recently subscribed to my own blog to check on it and then did not receive Tuesday morning's post: 7 Random Thoughts {After Only 1 Cup of Coffee}. Did you receive that post in your e-mail? If not, then I'm concerned that you may have been missing some of my posts all along and I want to keep a close eye on that - thank you SO much! :) 

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Have a blessed day friends!


I would love to hear your comments! Thank you for stopping and smelling the chocolates with me!! Currently disabled anonymous comments due to spam attempts - thanks for understanding!

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