Friday, November 16, 2012

Five Minute Friday ~ Stay

Five Minute Friday
It's time for Five Minute Friday again  - hosted by the lovely Lisa-Jo Baker. It's a chance for us to write for 5 minutes based on a 1-word prompt - without editing or over-thinking. I find it scary which is why I haven't done it much! It is fun to write that way but publishing it isn't so easy when you wish you could put a lot more work into what you wrote. :)

The prompt this week is: Stay.


As we get older over the years, we experience more and more losses. More loved ones passing from our lives. I have lost friends, aunts & uncles, grandparents, my mother, and my stepmother. Each time is a little harder and one less lovely person in our lives. As the years go, these things make me hold a little tighter to the loved ones I have left, especially my husband and my son.

I do know that God is in control and we have no say about His perfect timing. But when I imagine losing my precious man and young man, I tear up. I know that God would bring me through it, but oh, that He would not choose *me* to experience that pain.

I know so many others have experienced and are experiencing that pain and that it's especially hard as we go into the holidays - a time of family and friends joining together in fellowship.

With tears in my eyes, I whisper in my mind to my husband and son...stay.


Did you join in this week? Even if you're not a blogger, this is a great way to practice writing and it only takes 5 minutes!

Have a blessed day friends!


  1. Coming to your sweet blog via Lisa-Jo's linkup. You linked up before I did - another Lisa (I'm a Lisa, too!) and I also have a stepmother and am a stepmother. I am grateful for your vulnerable heart laid out in these 5 minutes. It is clear you have gone and are going through serious loss and grief. I am grateful we have our Lord to be with us during these times. Though I don't know your story, my heart aches as I read your ache because I know my own kind of loss and I cry out my own sort of "stay" to her. I feel God led me to your blog tonight and I am so grateful. Bless you, Lisa. Keep clinging to Him.

  2. Oh you know how much this hits close to home. Losing Cheryl has been one of the hardest of anyone I have ever lost. I would have loved for her to stay here on earth a while longer but it wasn't God's plan and who am I to question the Almighty. Though it's still painful, I know He knows what He's doing.
    Love you my friend.

  3. Oh Lisa! I totally understand. Thank you for sharing your heart here. What a blessing to know other moms feel as I do....
    Have a great weekend!


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