Friday, November 30, 2012

Five Minute Friday ~ Wonder

Five Minute Friday
This is the last Five Minute Friday with The Gypsy Mama for this year {coming back in January}! Even though I haven't participated many times, I have really enjoyed it! To take part, just follow the one-word prompt, write for 5 minutes without editing {obviously I fix misspellings, etc.} or over-thinking, post it, link it, and visit other 5 Minute Friday writers.


When I think of wonder I think of child-like wonder and it brings me back to a specific memory from my childhood.

I was very young and in church with my parents - not our usual church, so we must have been attending with the grandparents. This church had a steeple that was open and above the altar. It had pretty stained glass in the top and large wooden beams going across the opening.

I whispered to my mom - Where does Jesus live? She silently pointed & looked up - meaning Heaven of course. But I was young and I took her meaning literally.

In wonder and amazement, I looked toward the steeple - I could only see partway into it. That was where Jesus lived! I pictured him carefully balancing, hopping from one beam to the other so he wouldn't fall through. And I wondered how he got his food and water up there - did he come down into the church at night for it? I kept trying to catch a glimpse of the bottom of his brown robe, but never did.

Of course I learned the truth later, but if anything the feeling of wonder has only grown over the years as I learn more about Jesus and even my grownup mind cannot fully comprehend it all.

May we all look to Jesus with child-like wonder.


Let me know if you are joining in for Five Minute Friday so I can come read! Even if you're not a blogger, this is a great writing exercise to do - and hey - it only takes 5 minutes! :)

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Have a blessed day friends!


  1. What a cute story? How long did you think Jesus lived in the steeple? Have a beautiful weekend.

  2. How sweet!!! May we never lose that child-like wonder and innocence:)


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