Wednesday, November 7, 2012

{Insert Synonym For *Miscellaneous* Here}

What can I say - I needed a reason to use my Random Thoughts graphic again - LOL. ;)

I've been on two trips {the Allume conference and then a trip to the coast for our 20th wedding anniversary} and then a sickie since then. Just starting to get back to normal now. Still not totally well, but getting strength back and able to do chores again {wait - did my hubs hear that?! ;)}. But my brain hasn't been up to putting together a well thought-out post even though I have so many to do!

So how about some randomness instead? Yes??? Oh - I knew I liked you all!! :)

Life Stuff:

 ~ Being sick makes you think you deserve extra caramel brulee lattes and bowls of peanut butter cup ice cream, but when you realize that you're actually gaining weight while sick - that is a problem.

 ~ I so enjoyed our trip to the coast and will share a few pics with you here soon. SO beautiful and relaxing! Have you had a chance to get away lately?

 ~ Um, there are only about 2 weeks until Thanksgiving. 2.Weeks. I've done no planning whatsoever yet even though I am hosting. I've got to get on that.

 ~ I need to get on track at home with some sort of strict schedule. I need structure!! After being gone and then sick, I feel very ready to start fresh and really make it happen! Any helpful suggestions??

 ~ Our Basset hound, Buster, has been very sick off and on. He's currently recovered from his recent kidney infection, but still skin & bones. Since he's no youngster, he may not be with us much longer so we're keeping him as happy and comfy as we can for now. My main concern is for my son - he's an only child and Buster has been his companion. Not sure how he will deal with Buster's passing. Have your kids gone through losing a pet?

Blog Stuff:

 ~ I do have recipes to share - cake, pie, etc. Look for some yumminess coming your way soon!

 ~ I actually have some things to review {it comes in spurts} over the next month or two: a cookbook, a food product, a blog tour book, and another book by a friend. So I hope you'll forgive me for doing them all so close together and that you do find some helpful info from these reviews!

 ~ I am working on a free ebook for this blog, based on the Encouraging Bloggers series I've already done. It will be cleaned up, completely reorganized and easier to read, and some new info added. Maybe if I tell you about it right here, I will actually get it finished before the end of the year!!

 ~ I will be continuing to have Savor 7 {Saturday} every weekend and keeping it open to anyone who wants to link up a post about their blessings {even if I only get a link or two}!

 ~ Did you know that you can unintentionally do something on your blog that Google doesn't like which will cause them to drop your page rank to 0 which means you will lose all your search hits that were coming to your blog daily {mainly for recipes & decor ideas} which in my case dropped my page views by at least half? Me neither. Sigh. While I would love to pay somebody to fix it all for me, my frugal side takes over and says, "You are smart and capable enough to fix this yourself." While this is true {<-----Hmmm, that does not sound very humble - I'm just saying that *any* one of us could do it by looking up all the info, researching, and following instructions 'cause we are ALL smart and capable enough!!}, it takes me a loooooonnnng time and I don't liiiiiiiiiike it. On the silver lining side, I am learning more about page ranking than I ever wanted to know. :)

 ~ Since I went to the Allume conference, I do have some great stuff to share with you - including some Facebook page tips from a brainstorming session I went to. As soon as I can get all my thoughts together and processed, I'll start sharing some of that!

So what's happening with you?? How's life? If you have a blog, what exciting things are coming up? Do share! Let's show the blogosphere that random/miscellaneous type posts can actually get comments too - LOL!! :D

Have a fabulously blessed day friends and put your smile on {it makes you look so awesome}, even if you gotta force it!! :)

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  1. Goodness! Um...I need bite size pieces because my comment will end up looking like a blog post if I try to touch on everything I want to touch on so I'll pick something and run with it. Not very far mind you cause I'm tired so here it goes. I'm going to pick the Buster issue because that makes me sad and for some reason I want to be sad right now. No, that's not true but I wanted you and the B-man to know that it is hard but you'll get through it if and when the time does come. Do you plan on getting another pet? It could help to maybe incorporate that now so the transition is easier. Just a thought.
    Big I'll come back later and touch on another point so's my brain can think size hugs to you!
    Love ya my friend.


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