Saturday, November 3, 2012

Savor 7 {Saturday} ~ 11/3

*Sorry I'm late in posting Savor 7 {Saturday}! I just got back from a trip yesterday and today I'm officially a sickie in bed.* :(

Welcome to Savor 7 {Saturday} friends ~ a new way to share blessings and encourage each other! *You can either follow my categories or just simply list out 7 blessings from your week - this is not meant to be stressful!* For explanation of the 7 categories, see the original post. Thanks for joining me last week!

Let's look back at our week and "savor" {to have experience of; to taste or smell with pleasure; to delight in} together. 

7 blessings. 7 experiences, tastes, smells, delights. 7 ways to share, encourage, inspire. 1 for each day of the week. Join me? Write your own post sharing 7 blessings from your week ~ link it up anytime this weekend. If you don't have a blog, share your blessings in the comments - I'd love to hear them!

Savor 7 {Saturday}


Psalm 119:50 This [is] my comfort in my affliction, For Your word has given me life.
STORY TELLER:  I like blog posts on organization and balancing responsibilities at home - because I hope that they'll sink in and help me! My friend Christin {who is also one of my monthly sponsors} had a great post on managing blogging and business with mothering and homeschooling. Do you have a schedule for your responsibilities at home?

SOCIAL: Well I got my fill of girlfriend time at the Allume conference, but then just a couple days after being back I got to go on a little trip with my hubs to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary! We really enjoyed our time together - was definitely relaxing.

SILLY:I keep getting e-mails from a gentleman who thinks my "line of chocolates" would be great to sell in stores for the holiday season. LOL! Um, thanks for so thoroughly checking out my site mister. :)

SNAPSHOT: Hubs and I stayed over at the coast for our anniversary. So pretty there!

SIPS My fave Starbucks drink is back for the holidays {and the red cups - yay!}! That would be the caramel brulee latte - which I am sipping right now thanks to my sweet hubs who went out and got one for me today.

SWEETS: Well of course I had some chocolate cake for an anniversary dessert {with raspberry sauce & whipped cream}. And I realize that I do not have a multi-layer fabulous chocolate cake recipe here on the blog. I will have to do something about that...  :)

I hope you enjoyed my 7 things to savor! Your turn! Write a Savor 7 {Saturday} post listing 7 blessings from the week and come back to link up - or share about your blessings in the comments. Please link to the actual post, not just your blog. And please include a link back to this post so people can find it! You're welcome to use the graphic at the top in your post or sidebar. Visit another linker or 2 to share some encouragement!

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Thank you for joining me and have a blessed weekend friends!


  1. So glad you had a nice anniversary and Allume trip. And as far as the cake is concerned I'll just pretend I didn't read that part.
    Big ignorance is bliss if it pertains to chocolate size hugs to you.
    Love ya sister friend.

  2. I love chocolate and raspberry together! Yum get on that cake please. Lol


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