Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Menu 2012

I meant to post this before now! It doesn't change too much from year to year though. If you've never hosted Thanksgiving, you might check out my post on hosting holiday meals - I shared a few tips I've picked up along the way.

On with the food! I'm doing less appetizers and desserts myself this year - trying to learn to streamline a bit. But only a bit - LOL! :)

Assorted items brought by a bro-in-law
Pumpkin Bread {Mini loaves for each of "The Brothers" to take home}

Main Dishes
Brined Roasted Turkey

Side Dishes
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Festive Wild Rice  
Slow Cooker Stuffing 
Colorful Roasted Vegetables
Pantry Cranberry-Apple Sauce
Just Right Corn Bread
Whipped Cranberry Butter
Pumpkin Cheesecake Cake {Hoping this turns out as fabulous as it looks/sounds!}
Pecan Pie {somebody is bringing}
Vanilla Ice Cream {somebody is bringing}
Maybe another pie?
Sugar Cookies

I created a Pinterest board for my Thanksgiving menu. Feel free to click over! Right now I'm only pinning the recipes I'm using this year. But after Thursday I'll also pin recipes there that I've used for past Thanksgiving dinners.

So, based on that menu, how many people do you think will be at my house for Thanksgiving? 20? 15? 12? No - you are wrong my friends. The correct number would be 6. Yes, 6 including me. :) 

We make all this food so that we have leftovers and can send containers of food home with each of "The Brothers" {what I call my brothers-in-law}! Leftovers - definitely one of the blessings of hosting the gathering! :)

Are you making anything for Thanksgiving? Are you hosting? I'd love to know what your favorite recipe is!

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Have a blessed and relaxing Thanksgiving Day friends!


  1. Looks great! Happy Thanksgiving! :-)

  2. That is awesome! I LOVE that you are making that much food for just 6 people :) My mom only had 9 this year, her smallest ever, and still did a turkey and a ham and most of the usual, but... this (ahem) takes the cake. I do love Thanksgiving leftovers though!


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