Wednesday, December 19, 2012

DIY Magnets-in-a-Tin

I know Christmas is only 6 days away...ACK - it IS???!!! Deep breaths. But you really do still have time to whip up homemade gifts for nearby family and friends! Most of my homemade gifts this time of year are of the edible variety, but occasionally I get my craft on. :)

So, in one of my rare crafting moments earlier this year - I actually used supplies I had purchased a few years - yes, years - before! And I did a fun little craft that you or your kiddos can do!

I made some magnets for a friend and decorated an altoid tin to put them in. I like how they turned out!

Here are the supplies you need:
  • pictures, magazine images, or scrapbook paper {Mine were from magazine pages.}
  • clear glass marbles with flat bottom
  • circle magnets
  • Tacky glue
  • empty tin - such as altoids
Cut your images or paper to fit the bottoms of the glass marbles and glue into place {don't worry - the glue dries clear!} so that the image shows through top. Let dry and trim away any excess paper that sticks out.

Glue each marble to a round magnet and let dry. I used too much glue and mine took over a day to look fully clear again!

Now you can decorate your tin any way you like! Keep it fast and easy by simply painting the outside of the tin or cutting out images from old Christmas cards to glue to the top of the tin.

For my tin, I glued some strips of scrapbook paper around the sides. I cut out pieces of a paper coffee cup sleeve to make kind of a mosaic on top of the tin. I glued in place and added a piece of paper with a sticker of my friend's first initial. I also glued on a little bow and the bird was cut out of an old Christmas Starbucks gift card holder! Be creative and have fun!

You could even decorate tins like this and use them to give out gift cards. Or have your kiddos decorate some to give out little trinkets or candy to friends and family.

Have you made magnets before? Or decorated tins? What's your favorite Christmas craft idea?

It's too bad I don't get crafty very often. After I finished this one, I realized one reason I don't do it much...this pic. LOL! :)

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You know, I really don't get crafty enough - I could only find one other craft post {Homemade gifts for kids} on my blog and it doesn't even have pics!

Have a blessed day friends!


  1. And I feel so privileged to have been the recipient of that craft. The magnets are on my fridge and the cute little tin sits on my shelf! I love them!

    Big the groove aftermath is never any fun size hugs to you!!

    Love you my friend.

  2. My friend made me magnets like yours with names of the Jesus and God like Immanuel, Deliver, etc. and I still use them on my fridge and love them so much. The tin idea is so adorable. Glad to have stopped by. Merry Christmas!

  3. This is a great idea - I will keep it in mind for next year :) Thanks for sharing!


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