Sunday, December 16, 2012

I Still Savored, But Didn't Post

I'm sorry I didn't get a Savor 7 {Saturday} post up this weekend! I truly intended to, but got too busy with outings, shopping, and baking. In fact, I need to get back to the kitchen now!!  :)

If you need extra recipes for Christmas baking - I'm still sharing a cookie or treat recipe every day on my Stop and Smell the Chocolates Facebook page.

I hope you all had a blessed week. Please feel free to share how you were blessed this week in the comments. And prayers & hugs for all affected by the tragedy in Connecticut.

One of my blessings this week was attending a concert by Tim Zimmerman and The King's Brass. We went with some other Boy Scout families. It was excellent and a nice evening out with friends!

Have a blessed day friends! What are you cooking up in the kitchen today?

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