Friday, April 12, 2013

Birthday Memories

With my birthday almost here {I'll be 43!}, I've been remembering birthdays from childhood. Ah yes, the days *before* parties at restaurants, giving goody bags to guests, and special themes. :)

I didn't have many formal parties - they were mainly family parties. That meant that we went to my grandparents' house to have cake and ice cream! And it also meant that there would be one of 2 cakes - strawberry cake made by my grandmother or a made-from-scratch and decorated with homemade frosting sheet cake made by my great aunts!

This was one of those Strawberry Cake birthdays {17th birthday, I think - and, yes it was the 80's}.

I did have a big 16th birthday party with friends who also had their 16th birthdays around the same times. We had a costume party at my dad's place - very fun! That's me on the right and my "costume" is just that of a party girl - LOL! I rented a vintage dress from a shop and wore my mother's rhinestone necklace.

But the party that sticks out in my mind is from 4th grade. I have a pic of it somewhere, but I don't know where {I can picture the photo in my mind, including me in my favorite light blue floral dress from K-Mart with my light blue windbreaker over it}. That was the year I actually had a party with some female classmates invited over!

Mom made the cake with her homemade boiled frosting {seems like it's called 7-minute frosting}, topped with sprinkles. There was no party plan - the girls just came over and we had cake and ice cream and played games. That was all good, except that it didn't end well. My memory is very blurred on this, but I believe we were playing outside and I became unhappy with how things were going - either people weren't doing what I wanted {'cause I was a very bossy child} or a couple girls were being mean in my opinion. Basically, as far as I can remember, I told them all to go home! Nice, huh?! And I think they did leave early or they all went inside and waited for their parents while I stayed outside.

Um, maybe the birthday girl should have had a talking-to? Maybe my mom did talk to me. If so, I guarantee that I strongly justified my actions because of how truly wronged I was and at my very own party too! Such a strong-willed stubborn girl - sigh.

Good times - LOL! Overall though, my birthdays were good! It's fun to think back through them and see how times and people have changed. {Hopefully I've changed for the better - yikes!}

Did you have big birthday parties as a child? What birthday memories do you have?

This is Post 8 of my blogging challenge - I'm running behind!

Have a blessed day friends!


  1. Happy almost birthday. I will turn 47 in a few months. Yikes! Loved seeing all the photos. I should out some of mine to share on my blog's 5th birthday party post. I don't have any big memories of parties, they were mostly small and intimate. Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Fun memories for sure. Two birthday's stick out in my mind. My 26th and my 40th. For my 26th birthday I was dating my husband today and he kept surprising me with gifts all day. He really went out of his way to make it special. And for my 40th I threw my self a big bash (as you already know) with DJ and everything. It was so much fun. Weird how none of those involved my family. LOL!
    Big I'm sure I had birthday's as a child but they must not have been much to remember cause I can't think of any size hugs to you. LOL!
    Love you and Happy Birthday!!!


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