Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Musings {4/29}

Copying my friend Charlotte again by doing some Monday Musings! Feel free to post your own musings ~ tell me in the comments so I can come visit! :)

What I'm thinking: That I will never ever never be caught up with housework. *sigh* And that it gets expensive to have a son who won't quit growing - LOL! We just bought him size 13 shoes and ordered a few more school uniform pieces so he'll actually have something to wear during the last few weeks of school. :)

What I'm reading: Reading Ecclesiastes and 42 Days to Fit by Brandy Ferguson, Emma Swanston, & Stacy Karen on Kindle.

What I'm listening to: The sounds of washing machine and dryer and Hubs listening to talk radio while he works from home.

What we're learning: I learned that I can run 3 miles! :) Son is still taking his computer programming type class and tennis. But next up is basketball! He's decided that he likes it {which is nice considering his height} and wants to play on the school's team next year. So he may be attending a basketball camp for a few days when Summer starts just to get him up to speed.

What I'm watching: Finally watched the movie War Horse. Good movie! Probably a bit too realistic for young kids with the war scenes and death, but we enjoyed the story. Also watched the last episode of our latest show obsession - Naked Castaway. The guy filmed himself attempting to survive with next to nothing on a deserted island for 60 days - interesting stuff.

What's cooking: Leftover beef stew and cornbread tonight. Definitely roasting a pork loin this week {I follow this recipe to make a rub for it}. And I still have to figure out what to make for our upcoming church potluck which will have a Mexican theme - it's Cinco de Mayo you know! :)

What I'm buying:  Well we just bought the clothes & shoes for kiddo - ugh! I might make a small Costco run this week, but I don't think I have other things to buy at the moment.

What I'm thankful for: Thankful for all my WONDERFUL friends! I ended up with all kinds of belated bday gifts this week, but also time to fellowship with friends. Even met up with a fellow blogger at my fave thrift store this past week - hi Julie!

What I'm creating: A plan for being completely and totally organized in all areas of my life that requires no effort! hahahahahahahaha :D

What I'm planning: Starting the 42 Days to Fit program {simple program with fitness and eating goals each week} I wanted to wait until after the 5K so I could focus better on it.

What we did this last weekend: So many errands! Did my Saturday run for 30 minutes. And then we ran errands most of the day, but at least we are somewhat caught up on things now. Watched the movie War Horse. Sunday was church and then hanging out at home.

What I'm looking forward to: Seeing how I feel at the end of the week after no desserts and no sweetened drinks other than 1 morning coffee! And *not* looking forward to attempting to run today in the 90-something degree heat. :/

A picture to share:

A beautiful homemade cream currant scone from my friend K! And the saucer goes with the teacup she gave me! :)

What are your plans for the week?

I'm totally behind on my posting challenge - this is Post #15 for the month!

Have a blessed day friends!


  1. All good stuff my friend. And this is the famous scone from FB this past week. LOL!

    Big there was something and then something else but now I got nothin' size hugs to you!

  2. Waves hello my friend and it was great to meet you and shop :)

  3. My mother was gone before our oldest came. And other mother figures have passed. I have not been sad at mothers day. I expect the gone to be with God.
    Best wishes and prayers for Mothers day. lmc


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