Sunday, May 5, 2013

April Blogging Challenge Recap & A May Challenge

Well I didn't quite make the goal I set for myself in my April Blogging Challenge. But I did post a lot more than I have in previous months and that was the point. What was your goal and how did you do?

The previous 3 months I had only posted 6 times a month and the 3 months before that were 13 times a month. I ended up with 16 posts for April {quite a bit short of my goal of 22}. I am happy with that though as it is definitely more than I've blogged in 6 months. I think I'll try for 18 posts in May - a little more realistic, but still an increase .

For May - I don't have an official button or anything like that, but if you liked having the nudge {or kick in the pants} to do more on your blog, I'll give you {& me!} a new challenge. During the month of May, I want you to write 4 extra posts that you schedule to publish automatically on your blog - at least 4-5 days after you write them. You could write 1 extra post each week and schedule it for the following week. Or you could go crazy and write 4 posts over the next few days and then schedule them all throughout May.

This should do a couple things for you: Relieve a little of that pressure to try and get something up on the blog when you are just too busy with life *and* help you to be more organized with your blog posts rather than flying by the seat of your pants. <--- Oh I am talking to ME there. :)

What do you think? Are you up for it? C'mon, 4 little extra posts to schedule - piece of cake. Mmmmm...cake. Chocolate cake. Um, *some*body has a problem with getting sidetracked. And if you never had a chance to do the April challenge, just make it your May challenge - it's OK. Really. I don't have enough funds here to hire blog challenge enforcement people.

So let me know, how many posts did you do in April? Are you going to join me in this little May challenge? What helps you get inspired to blog more?

Have a blessed day friends & blog on! {And for those of you who don't blog, you can always apply this challenge to something else in life - make a goal for something you need to work on this month!}


  1. The challenge was fun. I manage to do 25 posts, but really, for me, it's just a few more than I normally try to do. But I enjoyed it! For May, I am simply trying to keep up with MoneySavingMom for the clutter challenge, which I have yet to start! Ha!

  2. I did the same as you for April. Which is a big deal for me because my past months were pretty scarce as well.
    Big MAYbe I'll do the challenge for May but I may not be able to keep up completely because of other obligations size hugs to you!
    Isn't that a nice definite answer? LOL!


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