Monday, July 15, 2013

My Favorite Things Monday {7/15}

I'm joining up with the lovely September from One September Day for something fun! She hosts My Favorite Things Monday - an opportunity to share your favorites and find out what others love at the same time.

My recent favorites...

1. My hubs and son were gone this past week to Boy Scout summer camp, so I had a couple friends over one evening to watch a movie {October Baby - so so good}. Of course we had to have some treats! I wanted something that I already had ingredients for, something easy to make ahead, and something that was gluten-free for one of those friends. Used one of my fave easy desserts - Frozen Chocolate Mousse! It's so simple and yummy too.

2. We recently saw the movie Despicable Me 2 - so cute and funny! I just love those minions! So when I saw The Frugal Girls mention the free Android app for my phone, I just had to download it! I don't usually put games on my phone. But since I've had it on there, I play it almost every day for a couple minutes. And there's only 1 reason - because it makes me smile and laugh every time. :) Smiling and laughing are definitely on my list of favorite things!

 {I have the pic linked to the free Android version, but they also have it for iphones.}

3. One of our fave places to pick up fast food is Chipotle. I could eat there every week! Now we've got in the habit of ordering it online and having son walk in and pick up the order - super fast & easy! This is my fave thing to order - the chicken fajita bowl. When I'm being low-carb, I skip the rice and get fajita veggies, chicken, mild salsa, cheese, and sometimes lettuce. When I'm being rebellious, I start off with the super yummy cilantro-lime rice! Their tortilla chips are delish too, with some sort of sea salt & lime on them, I think. Have you ever had food from Chipotle?

I should also mention that at one time we were noticing an issue at the location we usually go to with the fajita veggies. They were always running out! They would either try to give us hardly any in our bowl or we would have to wait for them to make a fresh batch. We couldn't figure out why they never had another batch ready to go. Anyway, after it happened to us almost every time we went, hubs finally sent an e-mail to the company about it. They did respond and sent us a couple gift cards. But better than that? They took care of the issue! Not one time since then have we had any issues with fajita veggies! It was obvious that they took the info seriously and solved the problem. Very impressive. Any company with excellent customer service like that gets an A+ in my book. Thanks, Chipotle! :)

What are some of your favorite things? {And if you post about them, be sure to go link up at September's blog!}

Have a blessed day friends!


  1. I adore Chiptole too :) My ds already did his boy scout camp . waves hello

  2. So because of you I downloaded the app and now I'm hooked. LOL! I linked up to FB so I could play against you but I see that you haven't done that yet. *hint* hint*
    Big there's nothing more exciting then a minion chasing a banana size hugs to you!
    Love you my friend.

  3. Great list! Thank you for linking up! That free app is hilarious! Thank you for sharing! Hugs! September


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